Posted by: illinigirl | August 30, 2008

Still a good night

Despite the outcome of our game, I had a lot of fun tonight. . . Why?

Because I met tons of cool Illinois alumni tonight.

The crowd was much bigger than usual at our game watch. . . and there were tons of new young people.

My friend Doug from work told me that a guy at his church was wearing an Illinois shirt a few weeks ago. . . and he knows I’m a freak so he gave the guy our club website, and the guy showed up to the game. . . he was a really nice guy, and it was fun talking to him.  Go Doug!  Good recruit!

One girl was saying she stayed at 4-H house when she was in school, and I said. . . Oh, I was a little sister of the farm fraternity that your house was involved with. . . She and her husband started cracking up because. . . he was in that farm fraternity.  Ha!  I probably saw them BOTH at parties. . . and they both knew a TON of people that I know from there. . . too funny.

The biggest coincidence. . .One guy and his girlfriend sat next to me.  He’s from a town near me in Illinois.  We talked for a while, and I said, “Oh, you know. . . at Christmas I was on the bus from the airport parking to the airport with a girl heading to your town.  She worked for my company in x and y capacity (giving more detail).”  He said, “Um. . . that’s HER! [pointing at his girlfriend]. . . yes, she was the girl on the bus that I talked to at Christmas.  HOW FREAKING RANDOM IS THAT???  I swear, I have more coincidental things happen to me than anyone. . . particularly for living in a big city.  Maybe it’s because I talk to strangers so often!  (Dad, do you remember me telling you about that girl I talked to???  Crazy.–Yes, my Dad reads my blog every day. . . Mom, almost every day.  Sister, getting more consistent. . . nearly at the every day mark.)

I also got to see a lot of Illini I haven’t seen since the Rose Bowl so that was fun.  There are some people that are consistent football watchers.  It’s always nice to see them every week.



  1. ya know, it was still a fun night here, too, despite the bad ending. and really, a lot of the actual game wasn’t so good. but the atmosphere? seriously. it doesn’t get any better in college football than the border wars game.

    i went to text you tonight and then realized – ugh – that i didn’t have your number.

  2. i’m glad somebody hates mizzou more than us!

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