Posted by: illinigirl | August 30, 2008

Border War Memories

My sister inspired me to think about my favorite Border War memories. . . here’s some of my favorite memories. . . in pictures (and some words).

So I might mix some of these up because they are all in one big Illini folder. . . but I’ll try and go in chronological order. . .

One of the first years that I went (when I was in grad school, I think?). . . Jess drove over from med school in KC and joined us for the big tailgate and game.  Fun times!  There’s a DJ that always DJs for one game for us back home. . . and usually does a tailgate for Border Wars.  He used to do just do it at our vehicles. . . but now. . . he’s big time!  He’s the most fun individual on the planet.  🙂

Please note that Leslie and Emily are in pretty much all the pictures. . . Leslie is my sister’s best friend from growing up. . . and our families have always been friends.  We all have a deep love for all things Illini. . . so I’ve spent many, many games and tailgates with these kids.

Here’s some pictures the year Jess came. . .

Jess and Han!

Dad was ready to tailgate. . .

It was WAY hot that day. . . but I hate shorts so I wore jeans. . . once I started dancing in the heat. . . yeah, this was not going to work.  Luckily, Dad had the scissors on his swiss army knife, and Jess has excellent cutting skills (being a doctor and all). . . presto, I had shorts!

Em, Sar, Les, Me, Jess. . . Dancin’ all day!


Em, Les, and Mom.  . being strange.  🙂

I’m missing some key pictures from this year.  I can’t figure out where the heck they are saved. . . however, this is probably okay, because these are the post-game pictures, and everyone is in pretty bad shape. . . but man, did we have fun.  It’s so funny because if you saw those pictures. . . um, they are in complete contrast to those shown above. . . so it would look like a completely different day!  Ha!

There was a CRAPPED out junky elcamino that parked next to us. . . that became Todd’s stage. . . and then. . . a dance floor.  Imagine the owner’s surprise when she came back and saw a bunch of intoxicated guys dancing in the back. . . yeah, well, she was drunk, too. . . so I’m not sure it bothered her.  All night, Todd would say, “PUT YOUR ROCK N’ ROLL EL CAMINO HANDS IN THE AIR!” before every song. . . so fun. 


Year #2, my sister’s roommate Sara B. joined us. . .

Em, Les, Me, Sara B., and Sar. . . dancin’ our booties off!


Todd deemed this truck. . . the new el camino:

We picked up some chicken for lunch. . . which my sis and cousin Jeff enjoyed immensely.  🙂

YMCA, baby.

You’re seeing mostly pre-game pictures. . . which look kinda boring. . . keep in mind that after the game. . . we had HUGE crowds around our cars with people dancing, drinking, doing congo lines, etc. . . madness, I tell you. . . madness.

Here is one guy that was passed out a few cars away.  We don’t know him.  Maybe you do.  He got some cheese spray on his crotch courtesy of some people at our tailgate.  Also, someone took a picture of all of us girls around him, passed out. . . but I didn’t know the guy that got the picture so I never got a pic. . . I only got a picture of my sis and him. . . which I love!!!

Then, there’s last year. . .

Todd moved to the big time last year and started doing a larger *official* tailgate with a real stage and stuff.  We moved our beer to under the stage prior to the tailgate.  The funny thing is, the people setting up the tent thought that we were with the DJ, so they even unloaded our coolers from dad’s truck and moved them across the parking lot to the stage for us. . . uh. . . awesome!

Here are some pictures. . .

Here is my lovely Illini family!

Drinking with Todd’s Fan Can Hand

Illini girls

Todd gave Sar and Les some foam fingers. . . which they really enjoyed:

This is what my sister referred to in her comment from the other night.  We went at some point during the game to get food because we were starving. . . and the Illini were SUCKING and it was killing our souls.  It was downright painful to watch. . . so we ate, and then we decided. . . screw this, let’s go back out to Todd’s and have a few beers. . . There were inflatable games set up nearby. . . so we went to play.  You have NO IDEA how many takes it took to get this picture. . . Okay, I’ll show you some of them. . .

FINALLY. . . the money shot!

Fun times in the STL.  Little did we know that Illinois would nearly come back and win. . . and we’d be listening to it in the the parking lots. . . however, still cursing, as we did NOT win.  The thing is. . . this game still gave us great hope!  Despite the craptastic first half. . . it appeared that we actually had a real football team!

I’m sad that I can’t be in STL today. . . and my parents are also not there, as my 3rd cousin Jimmy is getting married in Ohio so the whole fam is there.  Hopefully my sister keeps the tradition alive today. . . and drinks. . . and dances. . . and cheers!



  1. you do realize that you will probably run into that passed out guy in the pic someday at some random place…

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