Posted by: illinigirl | August 28, 2008

Email Accounts

Okay people, I really like my email account. . . I don’t get very much spam at all.  I’ve had my email account for ~six years now. . . so everyone in America knows it.  I’m REALLY not in the mood to change it. . .

BUT I want to start getting personal emails on my phone.  This would be especially helpful when I’m traveling.  With my current account, I can’t get POP mail or anything for free so I’d have to pay $20/year to upgrade.  YES, I realize that $20/year is NOTHING in the grand scheme of things. . . but that’s stupid when you can get free email from others that will offer this service.

I used to do hotmail and yahoo. . . HORRIBLE annoying spam.  I don’t think I can go back to that again.

How is gmail?  Do any of you get gmails delivered straight to your phone, and was it easy to set up?  What are your likes/dislikes about gmail?  Is there a crapton of spam?

Ultimately, I’ll probably end up paying the flipping money to upgrade my current account because my stupid current account is my login for soooooooooooooo many things that I can’t even begin to think of. . . and all my friends know the address.  I wouldn’t know where to begin changing everything.  Just toying with different ideas.

So. . . in other news, I like my phone, but my signal still SUCKS after switching to Sprint.  Katie is going to come down here at some phone this weekend and see how AT&T does at my place to see if I should switch to them.  AT&T has my current phone. . . but I’ll play with her iphone as well to see what I think.  I think I like my phone better than an iphone though.  The iphone has some neat features. . . but they aren’t really things that I need.

If AT&T is no good. . . I might have to get a *gasp* landline.  😛  That is worthless money I do NOT want to spend!!! . . . but with my phone habits, I need a good signal!



  1. here’s a funny thing about sprint. i’ve never had a problem getting service EXCEPT next to the sprint headquarters. there’s a dead spot right there. ironic, huh?

  2. I heart gmail and you have a typo in your 6th paragraph.

  3. Sister. . . suck it!

  4. Gmail is great. I get it on my blackberry. I get no spam on the phone because gmail does a great job of filtering. It’s a simple download.
    AT&T has good reception at your place…:)

  5. I heart gmail too!

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