Posted by: illinigirl | August 26, 2008

Stone massage Update

I don’t have the time or energy to post my pics from Saturday yet. . . . or Sunday either.  I went to dinner with some friends from work tonight at B-dubs. . . mmmmmm, we love us some wings!  (Although this evening, I got a delicious wrap.)  After that, I had to send out an email for my Illini club, and have been talking to my dad. . . and talking to my aunt to try to find the identity of the toy I’m holding in the picture with my grandpa.  Hmmm. . . she has to take a look.

ANYWAYS. . . stone massage = highly recommended!  Everything I wanted it to be and more!

On Friday, I was on a plane all morning, kayaked, walked around on coarse small rocks, and danced. . . so I was in some need of TLC.  The first thing he did was put hot stones on my feet and wrapped them.  This felt AWESOME after the whole walking on rocks thing the day before!  He then started on my back with the lotion. . . and added hot stones. . . and applied pressure via the stones. . . every few minutes, he would put a stone back in the hot water and rotate in a new one. . . then he moved to the arms, legs, etc.  Every time he would finish with a body part, he would place a new hot stone there and cover you up.  It was so warm and relaxing.  

My worries about cold stones were not an issue. . . as he only used cold pebbles at the very end on my eyes and forehead (3 altogether). . . basically to wake me up before he whispered and walked out of the room.

My worries about the smells were also not an issue because he asked me why I was there. . . when I said to relax, he gave me three choices of scents to relax me.  I chose a cinnamon type smell. . . which I was surprised I liked. . . maybe it’s just that I hated whatever the first smell was. . . and am not a big fan of lavender, which was the 3rd one.  He just wafted it in the air every so often.  It was not overwhelming, yet I’m glad it wasn’t grass or cedar, which was advertised in the brochure!

This dude was way good, and I felt so awesome and relaxed.

I ended up taking a shower and getting ready in the spa, seeing as we had three girls in our room that needed to shower and get ready in a short period of time.  It was awesome because I got to walk around in a big fluffy robe using Aveda products.

In summary, I will probably try a wrap sometime. . . but it’d be difficult to beat the stone massage!



  1. That sounds wonderful… I’m glad you liked it.

    Here’s a question that maybe you can answer (or pose to your blog readers):

    Does anyone strongly prefer either a male or female message therapist? I’m always thrown off on that question, but wondered if people have strong feelings either way.

  2. I guess my preference is for guys. I don’t know why. . . just because it’s a hetero inclination that it makes more sense for a guy to be rubbing on me rather than a girl?. . . but it really doesn’t matter. . .

    My preference is generally for people that don’t want to CHAT with me during the massage, which I’ve struggled with at my normal club where I belong.

    I finally found a female that is great and doesn’t talk to me. . . so she’ll be my masseuse (sp?) next go-round!

  3. i’m so jealous. i spent the weekend working.

  4. I’m relaxed just reading about it….aaaah! Glad you had a great time!

    Still sending prayers to your family!


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