Posted by: illinigirl | August 25, 2008

Tahoe. . . Friday

Okay people. . . this has been one of the most amazing weekends of my life. . . in terms of seeing great friends, seeing AMAZING scenary, and having PURE FUN.

If i had this great of a weekend. . . I can only imagine how thrilled Kevin and Maia are.  They were glowing and just seemed so happy. . . I know it had to be a great weekend for them as well to be surrounded by so many family members and friends in such a lovely place. . . and celebrating finding the perfect partner!  It was truly a celebratory weekend!

I am breaking this blog up into numerous entries because we did SO MUCH STUFF and I took 125 pictures.  No, no. . . I’m not going to post all of them, but there are a lot I want to post (although I will probably get tired and cut back the number!).  This will also probably take me some time, seeing as I got home late tonight and have plans tomorrow night.  We’ll see what I can accomplish!

The action started (for me) on Friday.  I had a SUPER early flight on Friday morning. . . but it turned out to be a great thing because I got into Reno by 10:00 and was in Tahoe by 11:30.  Devon called and said that some of the kids from work were on the beach and planned on renting kayaks. . .  so I hauled tail to the beach.  Devon, Debbie, Kate, John, and I laid out for a while, and then the girls kayaked for an hour.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Kayaking was sooooo much fun.  I have been before in Florida. . . but it seemed easier for me this time.  It was just the PERFECT weather and the PERFECT scenery. . . and just so much fun catching up with the girls and hanging out.  (If Kate sends me pictures from this, I’ll post them, but I’ll have pictures from Kerri for Sunday, when we went kayaking again!)  When paddling my kayak into shore, I ran into a parked jet ski, lodging myself on top of the back of it.  I could NOT get off of it so I had to abandon ship and  jump out into the water.  Too bad no one got a picture of that awesome move!  The rocks on the beach were KILLERS of the feet.  Kate and I were trying to walk back to our spot on the beach from the kayak drop off. . . and it hurt so bad that we were limping and had to keep stopping. . . and I was laughing so hard that it made it difficult to walk.  Free pedicure!  🙂

We went back to the hotel after that to get ready for the welcome party that Maia’s family was throwing for out of town guests for the wedding.  Okay, first of all. . . this welcome party was nicer than any wedding I’ve been to!  It was so funny. . . the drive from where our hotels were and Maia’s town is absoultely gorgeous with the views.  We had two SUV-loads from riding together to the party, and we got out to take pictures along the way because it was so awesome.  We had a navigation system in our car. . . so we’re all oohing and ahhing over the houses on the water on our right. . . and then the GPS says “turn right in X number of feet”. . . HOLY HELL!  *THAT’s* where we’re going!!?!?  We were all freaking out!  It was a really nice property along the water with a tent, a band, wonderful food, and all sort of entertainment.  Also,  you could walk down the stairs to the beach.  Amazing.

Here are some pictures!

Kevin and Ken

Me and my buddy Skooi that I worked with in NH

Party spot!

Down on the beach

The sun. . . going

going. . .


Maia and Kevin getting their pictures taken on the dock

Merrimack friends–John, me, Skooi, Kate, and Jason

More Merrimack buds–Ken, me, Kate, Debbie, Alicia, Greg

Hi Kevin!

Some guy doing a sport I’ve never seen before. . .

People hanging out on the dock

Me and Rebekka

Me and Devon (Yes, I know my eyes are closed!)

Sun setting through the trees (Love this picture)

Time to DANCE!  (Okay, I’d started dancing much earlier, but here are some dancing pictures!)

Kevin and Alicia and I. . . probably somewhere around when they played “Don’t Stop Believin”. . . I always call Kevin and Alicia during that song. . . when we were dancing to it, I said, “WHO DO WE CALL!  YOU’RE ALL HERE!!!”  🙂

Jeremy and Kevin’s BIL Brian rockin’ out!!!  MORE COWBELL!

Picture of Skooi wowing the kids with his mad breakdancing skillz

Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of Kevin and Maia together.  I tried to take one when they were dancing, and it was too dark . . . and I took a video of her and her dad dancing, but it was so dark you couldn’t see who it was!  Bummer.  Anyways, she looked beautiful as always, and I got some pictures and videos of them on Saturday.

VERY full day. . . and VERY exhausted after this.  Went back to the hotel to meet up with Kerri and Liz who got in town while we were at the party. 

This was SUCH a blast, and it was so nice of Maia’s parents to throw such a nice party for the out of town guests. . . also, so great to see Kevin’s family after not seeing them for almost two years.  They are such sweet people.  Honestly though, everyone there was incredibly sweet and welcoming. . .

Good times!  Now. . . tomorrow night, *maybe* I can conquer Saturday. . . or part of Saturday?



  1. my BIL can do the worm (breakdancing) and it is the funniest thing ever.
    i might have to move to tahoe – the pics are so pretty.

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