Posted by: illinigirl | August 20, 2008

Feedback on spa activities

Okay, I made an appointment with a spa when I’m in Tahoe. . . but now I need to decide what I want to do!

I’m normally not much of a spa chick and don’t like being messed with. . . not a fan of manicures and would hate a pedicure.  I know, I know. . . strange.  I don’t like people messing with me with sharp objects and I don’t like germs and fungi.  Also, I can’t guarantee that you are cleaning the equipment thoroughly. . . and I’m not going to put my feet where other feet have been.  Ewww.  I don’t wanna even think about my own feet. . . let alone someone else’s!

So. . . I’m going to the spa. . . what do do , what to do?

I’m not getting a plain ol’ massage because. . . I belong to a the Massage Envy monthly club and get inexpensive massages once a month.

I wanna do something different.  Here is what I’m debating between:

Fusion Stone Therapy

Experience the aromatic power of traditional Native American plants fused with the sensation of smooth stone massage.  Sage, cedar, and sweet grass encompass the senses and enhance skin hydration.  Opposing sensations of warm and cool stones fused with the massage techniques balance, soothe and invigorate your body.

Here’s the thing. . . I’ve always wanted to do a stone massage. . . BUT I’m not sure if I’m wild about smelling cedar and grass while I do this.  Also, I’m not sure I’d enjoy the alternating cold stones?  Hmmmm. . .

Caribbean Therapy Body Wrap

A rejuvenating and nuturing treatment that uses the healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean to create inner calm and renew the body and senses.  Treatment begins with a dry exfoliation, followed by a warm seaweed back and foot mask to smooth and detoxify.  A restorative body massage followed by a warm bady wrap and a scalp and face massage complete this island inspired experience.

As for wraps. . . I’ve never done anything like this.  I called the spa, and the receptionist said she hated wraps, but that plenty of people like them.  It sounds relaxing to me, but I really don’t know what to expect.  Also, you can choose to do the wrap for 50 min. . . or 80 min.  I think I would do 80 because I know how quickly my 50 min. massages fly by. . . this seems like a lot of stuff to accomplish in 50 min., no?  Also, I hope the exfoliation does not scrape off my fake tan from my loreal wipes.  Ahhh!  🙂


Who has wrap experience or stone experience?  Come on. . . help a girl out.  If you are a lurker and have such experience, don’t be shy. . . give me some feedback!!!



  1. definitely the fusion stone…i’d feel too claustrophobic in the wrap, i think.

  2. i’m with you – i can’t do pedicures b/c of my foot phobia thing. i’m so jealous that you’re doing this and can’t wait to hear what you pick.

  3. i had a wrap once in like…1999. i’m sure they have updated their wrapping technology since then.

    ANYWAY. i get pedicures and manicures and waxes like a fiend but have not otherwise had spa services.

    my thoughts on the wrap: if you dont like to feel gooey, you might not like it. i remember feeling gooey. but then it is warm.

    dude. i have no idea!!! i think you’ll enjoy either. def. do 80 minutes though and TOTALLY zone out! 🙂

  4. So you can either get pelted with rocks and grass by an Indian or made into a salad?!?

    Just go for the Swedish massage and get a reflexology. Don’t get all new age on us!

  5. I love the spa. I think you would like the wrap. First it is very relaxing with all the heat and steam. It will also make you skin feel so soft. Plus a warp incorporates a fair amount of massage. Go with 80 mins. It will be a better experience for this kind of wrap. Do they have a mud warp? I like that type of warp the most.

    You could always do a massage and a facial. Good luck and have fun!

  6. I say go Fusion Stone. My mom had something similar done and she raved about it for like 2 weeks.

  7. I did NOT enjoy the wrap I had once. It was like being slathered in clay and letting it dry while you’re wrapped in plastic with blankets over that…so you’re hot and sweaty but DRY and sticky at the same time. Very odd feeling. Oh, and you get itchy too, but you can’t scratch because you’re bundled up like a newborn!

  8. Okay, I’m doing the stone massage. I’ve always wanted to do one. I will try a wrap sometime, but not this trip. Jen, you’re comment sealed the deal.

    Yes Lance. . . I AM going new age. . . so there! But maybe I will get over my foot issues someday and do reflexology, too! 🙂

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