Posted by: illinigirl | August 19, 2008

My little Jas is married. . .

My friend Jasmine’s wedding reception was so cool on so many different levels.

1)  She is someone that I miss so dearly, and it was so good to see her!  I got to dance with her and see her more than I expected.  She was SO HAPPY and SO EXCITED.  Yes, yes, I know that many people are happy on their wedding days. . . but she was about ten levels above that!

2)  Her husband, Ravi, is such a good guy and was approximately ten levels above happy himself.  It makes you feel awesome when you know your friend has found a GREAT guy.

3)  I had a chance to meet Jasmine’s family from England.  I’d only met one of her sisters. . . so I was so excited to meet her mum (using her word 🙂 ), her dad, her grandma, her sister, and her niece, as well.

4)  I’ve never been to an Indian wedding or party before, and that was an experience in itself.  It was cool to see some of that culture. . . and the dresses. . . unbelievable.  Also, I loved dancing to Indian music.  So fun!!!  Jasmine is going to send me some titles so I can download some stuff!

5)  Jasmine requested our song, “Like a Prayer” by Madonna for us. . . every time I hear the song, I think of her!  It always takes me back to our St. Louis dancing days!

Okay, now for what you really want to see. . . THE PICTURES AND VIDEOS!

This is what you saw when you walked in. . . the ballroom was so nice. . . loved the pink lights to add a different flair.

Two of the centerpieces. . .

Balcony. . . LOVED this. . .

Here’s a video.  The lighting is terrible, but it will give you some of the atmosphere!

Me, Jamie, and Hera. . . Jamie is one of my faithful blog readers 😉 and was a co-worker back in the day.  She is a wonderful person, and we miss her very much. . . but luckily, I can visit her on myspace and facebook anytime I’d like!  Hera works in STL now, and is Jamie’s SIL.  So good to see them!

Before dinner. . . there were a lot of neat speeches. . . and some performances.  Here’s Ravi’s cousin (I think) doing a dance.  Unfortunately, there is a head in the way, but I’m still posting it!

Brenda and I eating dessert. . . Brenda is a co-worker in STL, and we had so much fun!

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. . . the STUNNING Jasmine.  Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful and in such an amazing dress???  I didn’t think so!!!  I think she could easily chuck it all and head to Hollywood after the movie and the pictures I saw of her from England.  She’s a natural!

Terrible pic, but still have to show it because. . . isn’t the back of her dress lovely?

Jas with her dad. . . my favorite pic!

Let the dancing begin! (Ravi is on the right. . . I didn’t get any good pics of him, but a co-worker is sending me some so I will add them!)

Check out the beautiful dresses!

Here is a short video of some dancing. . . and crappy lighting. . . (but I had to post Jas, as tiger is standing next to Dawn!)  😉

Hmmm. . . why are all our pics at the bar???

My co-worker and friend Dawn. . . and Brenda. . . and me!

One of the uncles loved dancing with us!  Here’s Brenda dancing a latin number with him!

Here is Brenda and I with one of the wedding crashers!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun dancing and seeing friends.  Thanks to Ravi and Jasmine and family for a fantastic night. . . Jasmine, love you much and send many wishes for a long and happy marriage.  Promise me you’ll never be an old fuddy duddy. . . and even though you’re married. . . and even if you have kids. . . YOU WILL STILL DANCE WITH ME WHEN I COME TO SEE YOU.  (Even if we are 90-years old and roly-poly is dead.)  Thank you.  🙂

I will be adding more pics so stay tuned!



  1. Hannah
    these pics are great and the videos hilarious. its comic that you are now also calling an indian older than yourself, uncle, you would fit right in:) i really had a lot of fun and am blessed to have friends like you who came and celebrated my big day with me. and of course, we shall dance the night away even when we are wrinkly old pensioners. Miss you and love you too!

  2. her dress was gorgeous!

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