Posted by: illinigirl | August 19, 2008

In conclusion. . .

So as a weekend wrap-up, I would like to suggest that all my friends move to one spot, please.  It is unacceptable that I get to see you all so rarely.

I suggest that we start our own island.  Don’t worry about leaving behind your families.  They are invited if they are nice and fun!

You will love living on my island. . . because all my friends live there, and all my friends are amazing.  I mean, come on. . . what more could you want?  We won’t really have to do much work for money and such because we will live off the land.  The only money we will need is to supply us with food and beer for the numerous dance clubs on the island.  Yes, there will be all kinds of dancing at all times of the day.  Country, Hip-hop, oldies, 80’s. . . just no techno.

Now. . . someone please find me an island that no one will mind us taking over. 



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