Posted by: illinigirl | August 13, 2008

There’s no “I” in team

Is anyone else annoyed how much they focus on Phelp s when they show coverage of the relay from Sunday night?  I am a Phelp s fan and all. . . and no doubt, he’s awesome. . . BUT this was a team effort, and I get annoyed with the media putting ALL the focus on him.  One reporter just interviewed Leza k and asked him, “When you look back on these games, that will be perhaps the defining moment, your comeback. . . because, in part, what it did for Phelps. . .  and if he goes on to set the record with eight gold medals, you will have a piece of history that will be played forever.”

Leza k goes on to say that he really didn’t do this for Phelp s, and that they came together as a unit.

Thank you.

He wasn’t snotty about it or anything, and I understand where he’s coming from.  They won the friggin’ world record in the relay. . . and don’t you think if you were an athlete competing. . . sure, you’d care about your teammates, but hello. . . you’ve worked your tail off, and you’re doing this for yourself!  This will be a huge piece of history, because that was an AMAZING and EXCITING race all-around. . . and they KILLED the world record.

i just hated the way that reporter phrased the question to Lezak.

End o’ rant.  🙂
(I do my spacing crazy as to cut down on random searches. . . because I don’t like too many searchers.  🙂  )



  1. was it the blond girl reporter b/c she asks the absolute worst questions? she’s horrible.

  2. I agree – they should focus much more attention on the girls beach volleyball competition than on those little speedo guys.

  3. I agree about the relay. What really annoyed me is how–during the race–they kept blaming the ‘loss’ on the guy who swam 3rd. Give the dude a break already!

  4. Suzanne–No, it was some random guy I don’t know.

    Lance–NO, no, no. . . I really, really enjoy watching the swimmers. . . volleyball, schmolleyball!

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