Posted by: illinigirl | August 12, 2008


Okay, this weekend has been the LAST STRAW with my phone service.  (Any of you that talked to me on Saturday mainly just heard me cursing repeatedly!)  I just don’t get good coverage in my area. . . also, my phone is a piece of crap hand-me-down.  I’m going to go to Sprint. . . and I’m going to get something that’s internet and email capable.  While I was in Atlanta, I had so many crucial questions that I needed answered where the internet would have helped (Is Deron Williams on the U.S. basketball team?  What is happening on myspace?, etc.)  CRUCIAL questions, with no answer. . .  I need ANSWERS, people, and I need these on the road!

Sprint is letting me try out a phone and see if I like it. . . but I can’t decide if I want a PDA or just a regular phone. . . as a keyboard might be nice (as anyone here that has tried to make plans with me via texting knows that. . . I can’t text quickly!). . .

Here are two things I’m looking at. . .

Here is the one my saleslady loves (no keyboard):

Here is one with a keyboard I’m looking at (probably not in pink for me):

 Does anyone have any feedback?  Gen?  (Staci said that you and Don were going to try something else maybe.)  Anyone? 

I would like to go to the Sprint store tomorrow night and look at some phones. . . before the Sprint lady calls me back on Thursday.  We’ll see!



  1. Get the full keyboard. I went through the same thing last time my contract was up and I got a slider similar to the one your saleslady likes.

    Then I took 2 business trips and kicked myself for not getting the PDA. I’m also a slow texter.

  2. i have the samsung phone (pic #1) and i love it but if you’re getting it to be on the internet, i would definitely get a phone with a keyboard.

  3. oh, i sprint is great. when i was flying, i rarely had any problems getting service. plus, they’re headquartered in kc 🙂

  4. talk to justin! i think ellen has that keyboard phone. i recommend keyboard.

    deron williams is on the team. he has been playing a lot. it’s very exciting!

  5. We’re on Sprint, love it.

    Ellen has the LG Rumor, which is a great texting phone, but honestly the internet is ‘pokey’ on it to say the least (only 1x speed)

    I have the Motorola Q9C, which is a beast of a phone, but they don’t have it anymore for whatever reason. The Samsung Ace is decent, or the Centro might be a good choice for you, I could never use one b/c of the small keyboard, though.

    Definitely get a full QWERTY keyboard though, it’s the best thing ever.

  6. How about going to an i phone. Was with a several people on Monday who had them. It is amazing what it can do.

  7. I agree with Pat, you should get the i phone, they are amazing. I really, really want one!

  8. The only downside of the iPhone is that you have to switch to ATT, so if you’re comitted to Sprint it might not be the best option.

  9. Okay, first of all. . . you all rock. The feedback was very helpful!

    I am going for a keyboard. As it turns out, my IT Manager at work has the Centro, and he really likes it. He let me type on it and such, and it was really cool. Oh my goodness, I will be a speedy texter! Look out! Also, it was much smaller than I thought it was. The comparison to the deck of cards didn’t really put it into perspective for me. I thought it would be bigger. . . but it’s quite small.

    No iphone for me. Honestly, they have a lot of features, but none that I really care about that I can’t get from another phone. Also, I would have to pay a $200 early termination fee, $200 for the phone, and a $75-$100 cell bill each month. No thank you! I will *receive* $250 from Sprint from switching to them (so my phone will basically be free) and a $69/mo. bill. Higher than I’m used to (I pay $39 now!). . . but I’ll have internet and email.

    I talk to my Sprint lady tomorrow. I’m hoping I can get my phone before my trip this weekend. . . we’ll see! I get a 30-day trial. . . I’ll let you know how it goes!

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