Posted by: illinigirl | August 12, 2008

Oh Atlanta. . . I hear you callin’

(“Oh, Atlanta” is one of my fav Alison Krauss songs FYI. . .)  🙂

The ATL was good. . . I’ve made many, many trips to Atlanta for work, but this was my first time to Buckhead.  It was a really nice area.  Of course, the focus was work, but there is always some fun, too. . . by nature of the people we work with.

On Sunday night, my co-worker Mark wanted to watch the Cardinals/Cubs. . . and Staci wanted to watch the Olympics. . . and I was content watching both.  We went to ESPNzone, which was amazing.  We got to watch the Olympics on the BIG, BIG, BIG screen.  For those of you that haven’t been to ESPNZone, it’s pretty fun.  I’ve been there a few times when I’ve been traveling and wanted to catch an Illini game.  Super cool.

We had a great time watching the events. . . (Men’s gymnastics, mainly).  Staci is super cool and knows a lot about gymnastics, as her daughters are involved in it, so it was great being with someone that could educate us!

We stayed there until pretty late, and when we got back in our rooms, I flipped on the TV. . . and the men’s relay was on.  Holy hell, was that not the coolest thing you’ve EVER SEEN???  Forget that it was ~11:30 in ATL on a Sunday night. . . I couldn’t help but start screaming (and crying). . . and not a minute later, I get a call from Staci (who I wanted to call but didn’t want to wake up!). . . I answered the phone with, “DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!”  She was also screaming in her hotel room!  😉

How the heck do you go to sleep after that?

You don’t.

Next day was work, work, work. . . a LONG day.  I got to see tons of people that I haven’t seen in forever, but sadly no Pat!  I did get to see Lisa, and we decided it had been THREE YEARS since we’d seen each other!  Two years for Laura. . . and a year since I’d seen Robert or Kristin.  That is just unacceptable for me to go so long seeing people that I like so much!

A big group of us went to a great seafood restaurant for dinner. . . I had stuffed flounder with shrimp, scallops, and crab meat. . . sooooooo flipping good.  Mmmm.  I miss my seafood not living in NH anymore!!!  This restaurant has some great stuff shipped in.  I usually don’t like to risk eating scallops outside of New England, but these were excellent!

After that, Staci, Mark, and I went back to ESPNZone to watch the Olympics again for a while. . . fun times.

Back in the hotel, Staci and I watched gymnastics in our rooms. . . until sometime around 1:00 a.m.?  DANGIT.  These Olympics are ruining my life!

Now it’s back to H-town. . . and back to suffocating humidity (which was somehow absent in Atlanta!!!). . . and back to watching more Olympics!



  1. yeah! you’re back.
    that relay was amazing. we were screaming too.

  2. Sigh…trust me, I would rather have been in Atlanta this week. Apparently there is no rest for the weary or wicked as we gear up for next week. Have also been staying up too late watching the Olympics. It’s not helping my disposition, but it is such wonderful drama! Am a little annoyed that they have not shown any of the wrestling. Several of the competitors are acquaintances and win or lose, I’d like to see then compete.

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