Posted by: illinigirl | August 3, 2008

A commentary on comments

I love that Ben made his name “Ben!” on the comments. . . he’s awesome.

I got a comment from a porn site yesterday, but it went to spam.  Silly me, I clicked on the guy’s link because it wasn’t very telling, and I was trying to figure out if I knew the person. . . eeeeewwww.  Yeah, glad that went to spam.

I also got a comment from an unknown lady ranting about why people in this country should speak English.  Okay, I partially agree with what she said, but it was so hostile.  Also. . . Um, lady. . . did you read my post?  It was about a sweet little four year old that is in this country receiving treatment that he can’t get in his home country.  Let’s not berate *him* for not speaking English, kay?

Okay, that’s all!  🙂



  1. that’s when you hit delete.

  2. Oh yeah, I hit delete. . . BUT her email address was fake so I couldn’t fight back with her. . . so I thought I’d leave a rant here. 😉 I will NOT go down without a fight. . .

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