Posted by: illinigirl | July 31, 2008


There’s this kid where I volunteer that makes me want to learn Spanish.  I don’t want to learn to broaden my horizons. . . or to communicate with people in general. . . I just want to learn so I can talk with a four-year old.  😀

He’s one of my favorite kids at the house. . . and we apparently both speak the language of “cute” because somehow, we make each other crack up without understanding a word the other is saying.

I wish I could explain more. . . but I’d have to tell you about it in person for you to understand how cute he is because. . . it wouldn’t translate to a blog very well either!

Tonight, he gave the house manager (who speaks Spanish) and I some gauze.  She said, “He wants us to be like him.” and rolled up his sleeve to show me his bandaged arm.  I put the gauze over my arm, and he smiled.  The night manager taped the gauze to her arm, and he smiled.  It makes me so sad that he has to endure so much, so young. . . but he’s such a loveable, happy, and sweet kid, that you’d never, ever know he was sick if he wasn’t staying where he was.

God bless that little guy.  🙂

I’m taking a hiatus from volunteering for a bit with work and traveling ramping up. . . It’s a bittersweet thing because you hope that you get to see some of the kids you’ve gotten to know next time you’re back. . . YET. . . you hope you *don’t* see them again because that means they are home and doing better in the health department.

If there’s a Ron ald Mc Don ald House in your area, I encourage you to go and take a tour and see all the cool things they do, collect can tabs for them, or simply drop some change into the containers in the restaurants.  I think the thing I’ve gotten out of this experience most, is seeing all the cool things that people do for others. . . all the nice donations of goods they receive, all the people that donate their time, etc.  There was a dad that bought a baseball cap with the house logo on it as he was checking out his family tonight, and said. . . “I wanna remember this place.”  That was really a neat thing.



  1. what a sweetie! i remember a little spanish but not enough to have a conversation.
    if you ever have time you should take a once a week night class. (emphasis on if you ever have time).

  2. That’s great that you volunteer. I don’t know if we have a Ronald McDonald house around, but it’s nice to know that the change I drop in the bins goes to a good cause. I agree its tough to see kids having a rough time, but a lot of them are so tough and happy its hard to realize they are sick. Good for you taking time to be there.

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