Posted by: illinigirl | July 29, 2008

Good news!

I’ve been freaking out because I was having strange pains in the lower chest area the past few days, but I don’t have time to go to the doctor. . .

BUT. . .

I’m 99% sure it’s heartburn!

Thanks WebMD!  🙂



  1. Sounds like scurvy or a tape worm. Better get that checked out.

  2. So on WebMD, you can go through the different symptoms. . . 90% of the types of pain you can choose in the chest area respond with, “GO TO THE DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF EXPERIENCING THIS TYPE OF CHEST PAIN!”

    So I’d be like. . . hmmm, don’t have time with that one! Let’s pick a different type of pain!

    I need to check into the scurvy thing though. . . I didn’t do any research on that one. . . 😉

  3. i’m glad it’s only heartburn! isn’t webMD the best? we also have a hospital here that has ask a nurse (you can call them and they answer your questions) who i call about 4 times a year.

  4. I had the same happen to me in college. Thought I was DYING. lol

    Now I just keep Tums everywhere I go.

  5. Hello there. Checking in from vacation here…no sleep last night, got caught up in work s**t yesterday evening…couldn’t stop fussing with it!

    So, how are you feeling now? You have been a bit stressed lately (can’t imagine why), probably is heartburn, but if it hasn’t stopped…go to the doctor!

    Talk to you later!

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