Posted by: illinigirl | July 24, 2008

A little lesson in weather. . . and business

Here’s the thing, if you are a businessperson, and you’d like to sell someone your services or product. . . maybe you should learn a thing or two about what you are doing.

Case in point, a guy called me at work today ~4:00 p.m. saying that he was from a disaster recovery company.  Here is our conversation (with what I *really wanted to say* in italics). . .

Dude:  I’m such and such from X company that specifies in helping companies recover from disasters.  We’ve helped a lot of companies through hurricanes.  I’m just wondering how you are coping with Hurricane Dolly.
Me:  Uh. . . it’s rained a few times really hard.  (Um, is this a joke??)
Dude:  Okay, well, how has that affected your business.
Me:  Well, it didn’t.  (It rains here all the FLIPPIN’ time.)
Dude:  Okay, well, what about tomorrow.  Isn’t it supposed to move towards Houston?
Me:  Um. . . no.  We have a 20% chance of rain tomorrow.  The hurricane hit SOUTHERN Texas yesterday around noon.  We had some of the outside rain bands. . . but it’s pretty much over.  (Do you know ANYTHING about hurricanes???  Buddy, they don’t do flippin’ U-turns. . .)
Dude:  Are you sure about that?
Me:  Yes.  (Don’t you think I’d KNOW if a hurricane was hitting my town???  It’s kind of a big deal.  People freak out about this stuff–including me. . . the stores run out of things.  We look at our disaster plans at work.  It’s on TV every five seconds.)
Dude:  Well, we work through your Corporate group *name drop* at times.
Me(Yeah right. . . NOT bloody likely.)  Okay, great, then they can call you if they need your services.
Dude:  Yes, but I will need a local liason.
Me:  Oh no, you can just deal with Corporate.  That’s perfect.  (Seriously dude, STOP talking.)
Dude:  [starting to get aggitated]  I just need a name.
Me:  Sorry, can’t give you a contact here. . . have a great day!  (Leave me the hell alone!)

Let’s say that you were calling a company in a city where you didn’t live. . . would you not look at a weather website and see where the storm was?  Where it had been?  See the below illustration to see how hurricanes’ paths typically go. . . and what they don’t do (brilliant illustration of mine, btw). . .




  1. that’s even worse than the telemarketers. please, if you can’t say my name right, i’m not going to talk to you.

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