Posted by: illinigirl | July 22, 2008

Ugh. . . I need some cheering up

I got some crappy home improvement news today. . . and am in a Debbie Downer mood.  I am so not even in the mood to discuss it anymore.  Maybe tomorrow.

My future income is uncertain. . . and now a lovely portion of my savings will be gone.  I am thinking I need to invest in a personal trainer to get my body in better shape in case I need to take up stripping for additional income.  (Dad told me today that I’d never get enough business as a prositute given my prudish nature.  Thanks Dad. . . You’re supposed to be SUPPORTING me, not crushing my hopes and dreams!)

In order to cheer myself up, I’m going to post one of my favorite videos. . . hopefully, it will make you smile, too!



  1. don’t become a stripper…you’d have to change your name to candy and wear those horrible high heels with the clear heels.
    don’t feel bad. i swear that every time we have savings, it gets sucked away by something (fixing car, house, kids, you just never know).

  2. Funny you should mention it, Suzanne. . . Candy would DEFINITELY be my stage name. It goes so nicely with my last name. . . You are brilliant!

    I guess I should be thankful that I have savings and very little debt. . . for a while there after college, I had debt and very little savings. . . It just sucks because of all the uncertainty now. Oh well. Life will go on!

  3. actually, don’t they say that your stripper name is the street you grew up on and your first dog’s name?
    mine would be Newman Buffy. I’d go by Buffy for short. hehehe

  4. actually, eric said it’s the other way around. pet name, street name. i’m buffy newman.

  5. oooh… i’m loving the thought of you as a stripper named Candi (i’m thinking the “i” is more stripper-like, says the girl named Cari!!)

    At any rate, sorry things are cruddy right now… and I hate to be a dream-crusher, but I have to agree with your dad. I don’t think you’d do very well at hooking OR stripping!

  6. Buffy’s a good one!

    Oh, and btw. . .

    My name (a dog my parents had when I was a baby, my first and only pet!)

    Rowdy Galloway. . . Ha!

    My dad’s name (They talked about this at work at the radio station in coming up with a DJ name for him):

    Sparky Madison


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