Posted by: illinigirl | July 21, 2008


It’s very difficult for me to be very productive during the week after work.  I pretty much come home from work, (OFTEN) go to the store after work, make dinner, talk on the phone, check all my websites, watch TV, and go to bed (and not sleep well).

I don’t fault myself too much for not being that productive during the week though.  Sunday is generally my cleaning day, so my house always starts the week very clean, all my laundry is clean, etc. . . My house generally stays clean, I cook things, my house doesn’t have many unfinished projects, I volunteer, I’m very socially active, and I work more hours than the average bear.  It’s hard not to be drained.  Also, it takes me FOREVER to wind down at night and FOREVER to get to sleep.  Starting any project within two hours of wanting to go to bed will put sleeping out of the question.

Tonight was exciting though. . . I left work ~5:20 or so.  I went to Home Depot and picked up a few plants and some soil.  I replaced a dead plant and put another plant in a new pot.  I pruned my hibiscus.  I put nitrogen pellets in the ground for my palm.  I sprayed my hibiscus for bugs. . . and cleaned up all the debris.  Woo. . . I’m exhausted.  Also, I didn’t want to lose momentum so I did this all in work clothes and heels.  Also. . . IT’S HOT AS ALL HELL HERE!!!

Here are some pics of the current state of my patio. . . It was getting a tad dark so the lighting is dumb.

Yes, the plants below the hibiscus are alive, yet not as vibrantly colored as they once were!

Look at my Sago, Mom!!!  While some of the new leaves are turning yellow, it looks soooo much better with these new sprouts!

My new flower to replace the dead one!  I’ll have to get a close-up some other time b/c it’s a really cool plant.

A little pot.  I will eventually put this on top of something.  Right now it’s on the ground and will act as a replacement when/if the pink one dies!

The afore-blogged-about sun. . .

The one plant that I can’t kill, due to it’s metallic nature.  🙂


  1. a metallic plant? do tell what it is. i need one that i can’t kill.

  2. i’m kidding, of course. i just realized that some people might think i’m serious.

    it is cute, though.

  3. I wish I knew who the heck made that because they had some other cute stuff. . . and I think it only cost $19. . . which Mom and I thought was cheap, given that it WOULD live! 🙂

    I’m going to have to go back to that plant place and see who made that metallic garden stuff.

  4. i don’t blame you for usually not doing stuff after work. i would put on my pjs and curl up on the couch. in fact, sometimes i do that after eric gets home and let him take care of the kids 🙂
    cute plants. i love the hibiscus. i wish i had a spot for one.

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