Posted by: illinigirl | July 20, 2008

I didn’t come here looking for trouble. . . I just came here to do the Superbowl Shuffle

Last night was fun!

Party was fun. . . it was on the top balcony of this condo complex near downtown.  It was really lovely up there. . . I was afraid it would be HOT outside, as it normally is here. . . but there was a nice breeze up there.  Nice place, nice company. 

The guy hosting the party played “The Superbowl Shuffle” in honor of me. . . who remembers that?  I probably still have the tape somewhere.  I don’t identify with Chicago or their sports for much of anything. . . but I will still cheer for the Bears in the rare occasion that I actually pay attention to the NFL (I’m a college girl and don’t care about the NFL/NBA). . . However, I’m a huge fan of the Superbowl Shuffle.  Takes me back to being six years old and dancing around the living room!  I am a little bit sketchy with the words, but I remember the entire Mike Singletary verse word-for-word. . tooooooo funny!  Clearly, I remember the important stuff in life. . .

Piano bar was fun. . . I had even more fun there this week than last week. . . which I wasn’t sure about since I’d *just* been there, and it’s not something you want to do *every* weekend. . . but the music was very fun, and I was all about the singin’.  I said goodbye to my friend Ami from my Illini Club.  She’s been a great partner in setting up young alumni happy hours, our Rose Bowl Party, etc.

Here’s a picture of Jackie and I at the piano bar. . . 

The next bar was kind of a mess.  The drunk, slutty girls were already out in full force. . . and I have little tolerance for the slutty tanorexic (sp?) barbie-esque chicks with fake boobs, etc.  We still had fun though.  Funny thing. . . this guy was there with his older brother and came up to introduce themselves.  The older brother easily looked 45. . . When the guys came up to us, Jackie said something about the older brother must be 35 (being VERY kind and trying to *flatter* him). . . Well, the other brother came back later and told us that he just turned 31. . . so that comment upset him.  Oops.  :\  I guess you can never guess too low. . . maybe next time, we should go with guessing 21?  15?  😉

Happy Sunday, everyone!



  1. we’re not here to start no trouble we’re just here to do the super bowlshuffle. uh huh (do do do) uh uh.
    i still have that record. we lived in dekalb, il when that came out and i was in love with jim mcmahon. i had posters of him in my closet, shirt and even a little figurine.

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