Posted by: illinigirl | July 19, 2008


I am loving this weekend.  I have soooo much less running around to do than most weekends. . . I usually spread myself pretty thin, leaving zero time to do things that I actually *want* to do.

Last night, I went dancing. . . and TONS of different friends were there, and I met some new cool people to boot. . . so that was fun!

Today, I am made homemade ice cream. . . When I was at Kohl’s last weekend, I had an impulse buy of an ice cream maker.  It was only 20-some dollars though so it wasn’t like it was a huge investment.  I’ve always wanted to experiment with making different flavors.  Today I made strawberry ice cream. . . and it’s pretty dang good (if I do say so myself!).  Stay tuned for different flavors.

I went to the liquor store today to get some different beers to bring to a party tonight. . . and to have for my happy hour next weekend.  Let me tell ya. . . I LOVE liquor stores.  I just love looking at the different types of beer, and it makes me happy inside.  I was walking up to the beer area today, and a guy working there said, “I could see your smile clear across the store!”  I said, “Of course you could, I’m in beer heaven.”  😀

Tonight, it’s off to several parties. . . one house party, one going-away party for an Illini club friend at a piano bar, and then. . . on to other bars, most likely.

By the way. . . my last song I featured was about disenchanted love and breakin’ up. . . so today, I thought I’d feature another one of my favorite country songs right now. . . that is cute and about falling in love.  Also, I stole my headline for today’s entry from this song.  Enjoy!



  1. A snoo-cone maker and an ice-cream machine. You have the freezer covered. Bread maker next!

  2. That is one of my favorite songs. Thank you for playing it!

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