Posted by: illinigirl | July 19, 2008

Believe it or not, I’m a complete catch

I heard this on the radio earlier this week. . . and Liz just called me and said she had heard it, too. . . This guy is UNBELIEVABLE.  Can you believe guys like this actually exist?

So this is supposedly 100% true. . . this guy met a girl, and she gave him his number. . . and here are the messages he left for her.  Check it out. . .



  1. what a LOSER. a deadline to call him back? 6 or 7 women approach him a day? riiiight.

    i love how he’s diagnosing her as having a disorder. hilarious.

  2. can you say douchebag?

  3. LOL. . . Did you see that whoever put this on youtube titled this something like “The douchebaggiest message ever”??? Hahaha! Yes, I think that sums it up pretty welll!

  4. Wow!!! How could you ever say no to a guy like this!

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