Posted by: illinigirl | July 16, 2008


Project Runway starts again tonight!

It’s become one of my favorite shows. . . actually, I love all the Bravo competition shows. . . but Project Runway and Top Chef are my favorites

Those shows comprise some of the most creative, strange, evil, and sweet people you’ll ever see in one place.

I loved when a few seasons back. . . a guy in the competition did impressions of Tim Gunn

I also loved Elisa and her different techniques such as spitting on her clothing. . . but unfortunately, I can’t find that on youtube. . . or Tim Gunn talking to Chris about using human hair in his clothing. . . or some other stuff. . . youtube is limited on this subject, DANGIT.

The challenges are so off-the-wall. . . it’s really interesting to see how different people approach the same task.  Also, I do like some of the drama!  Oh man, do the creative people bring the DRAMA!  😉



  1. i LOVE project runway too. i had to work tonight but it’s on tivo. i LOVE tivo too.

  2. i love how you called Santino “a guy in the competition.” That’s like saying Michael Jordan is “a guy who used to play basketball.”

    I’m obsessed with Project Runway. Absolutely obsessed.

    I recommend Blogging Project Runway at Blogspot dot com or the Bravo site for good info., videos, etc.

  3. ok, i watched it this afternoon and am so excited for this season. although i do have to say that i wasn’t entirely blown away by anyone yet.

    p.s. i shared.

  4. Oh, I know Santino isn’t just any guy. . . I am just staying away from posting names in my posts that draw a lot of internet searches. . . although i’m not sure how many he would draw at this point!

    Also, I doubt people looking up Santino would be Creepy VonCreepersons. . . so yeah, I probably could have put the name.

    Yeah, I don’t have really strong feelings about anyone yet. . . but the lady that did the garbage bag dress was QUITE lucky to not have to go home. Yeah, I know the raincoat sucked. . . but wow. . .

  5. I strongly dislike the “tan-a-rexic” guy. I’ll reserve judgment on everyone else, but that guy is a Christian wannabe if I ever saw one!

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