Posted by: illinigirl | July 14, 2008

School Night Fun

I rarely do stuff on “school nights”. . . but on Sunday, Erin, a girl from the float trip, called to see if I wanted to come over to her neighbor’s house to play Pictionary.

There were four of us. . . Katie–the host, Erin, and Lori–I met her on the float trip last year, and she went to high school with my friend Stuart.

Pictionary was super fun!  Here are some things I learned though:

  • My drawing skills, which are normally decent. . . are ridiculously horrible during Pictionary.  Wow.  I am a better guesser than drawer for sure.
  • When I am drawing in Pictionary, it is very difficult for me to create distinction between bears, dogs, and cats.
  • I curse a lot when playing games.  Oops.
  • The capital of Illinois is NOT Chicago!  Yes, yes, I know this being from there and all. . . but this was the funniest part of the nights when one of the girls was using a drawing of Illinois with a capital symbol as her main clue for “Chicago”. . . and when I said, “Springfield”. . . it hit her like a kick in the pants!  😉


I was telling the other girls about this scene in one of my very favorite movies. . . because whenever I think of Pictionary, I always think of baby fish mouth.  I was thinking of this when I was trying to draw a bear, and the closest I could get out of Erin was “man dog!  dog man!”  Hahahaha . Yes, I suck at bears.

I hadn’t played Pictionary since I was a little kid. . . but it was really fun.  I highly recommend it for gatherings. . . Maybe the family should try this at a holiday gathering like Thanksgiving?  It must be considered. . .


  1. have you played cranium? my family is big, big, big into games and it’s been our “it” game since thanksgiving. if you haven’t played, you play in teams and it has a little bit of everything…pictionary, charades, facts, name that tune. we love it.

  2. Oooh. . . I haven’t played Cranium. . . but I’ve always wanted to.

    Also, I bought Catch Phrase after playing it at a party with a bunch of people I had never met before and having a BLAST even though I didn’t know a soul. . . yet I have never busted it out at my house.

    Ooooh. . . I feel another game night coming on! Who’s in? 🙂

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