Posted by: illinigirl | July 14, 2008


I have been having CRAZY dreams lately and remembering all of them.  Some of them are TOO funny.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that my best friend Liz was getting married.  She was getting married at this grossly HUGE hotel.  It was very poorly organized with lots of winding outdoor and indoor paths leading around the grounds and from room to room.  We walked FOREVER to get to the place where we were supposed to be getting ready. . . and somehow, I got separated from the group.  I was *in* the wedding. . . yet, I didn’t have time to put make-up on (I think I just rushed to put on lipstick, which was crooked), I was all sweaty (yuck), my hair was in a nasty messy ponytail on top of my head, and one of my shoes was missing or broken. . . on top of that. . . I NEVER FOUND THE CEREMONY, and no one could find me. . . so they had to do the wedding without me.  (Isn’t that sad?)

On Friday night, I had a dream that I was in the car with my sister and Dad.  Dad was driving and Sar was riding shotgun. . . and we were going down the highway back home.  Sar asked Dad to slow down because there were all these strange vehicles around us and we wanted to check them out.  Dad said, “No!  I don’t have time for that. . . we need to get into town.”  With that, my sister reached over to my dad’s arm which was on the arm rest, and pulled out one of his arm hairs.  Dad was SO ANGRY. . . . and did not talk for the rest of the ride home.  (uh. . . that’s just strange.)

On Saturday night, I had a dream that Mom and I were in some tourist trap area in a collectibles store that had a restaurant and all kinds of other stuff in it.  They had these miniature, hand-painted figurines that were REALLY expensive and small.  They were somewhat gummy and malleable, so you had to be careful not to put any pressure on them.  I picked up a tiny pitcher and a tiny teacup and thought about buying them and wanted to ask how much they cost.  The thing is. . . I was eating candy at the time. . . and I accidentally CHEWED UP AND ATE the pitcher and the teacup.  OH #$@!.  Yeah.  I didn’t even tell my mom about it because. . . I didn’t know what to do!  From the store we were at, you could catch a boat ride and get a tour of the town.  Once on the boat, I told Mom that I ate the expensive figurines. Mom and I decided that I had to go back and tell the owner. . . and pay for the figurines.  HOW HUMILIATING!???!  I am 28 years old, and I have to admit that I ate a figurine in a store.  Well, turns out, they were TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN DOLLARS!  Yes.  That was an expensive snack.  I was SO MAD at myself.  (uhhhh. . . that’s way MORE strange.)

Last night, I had another strange one. . .



  1. Wow…
    You have amazing recall of your dreams. Really, I don’t think I know anyone who would remember $247! I’m lucky if I can remember what I did before I went to bed!

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