Posted by: illinigirl | July 13, 2008

International Honky-tonk

My weekend was so great and so all over the place . . . that I have to break up my posts.

On Friday night, Jackie and I went to our favorite country bar.  I was feeling not so cute this weekend. . . so I really wasn’t in the mood to do anything. . . Jackie, on the other hand. . . was in a mood where she felt she could take over the world.  She could have!  She drove us to the bar in her cute car w/ the top down. . . so much fun!

We danced a few times. . . then Jackie met some boys and brought me over to meet them.  They were from England, Austrailia, Ireland, Scotland, etc.  They were all rugby buddies.  They were crazy guys and too fun. . . One of the Austrailian guys took me outside to meet his brother who was here visiting the U.S.  He had a beard down to his waist.  We had some interesting discussions where I learned about labor unions in Austrailia, etc.  I didn’t have my camera (b/c I never take a purse when I’m two-stepping). . . but one of the Austrialians did.  Jackie and I gave one of the guy our numbers to hang out with them again. . . so hopefully, I can get my hands on those pictures someday.  There is one of Jackie stroking the man’s beard that KILLS me!  (P.S.–A “buttie” is apparently any type of sandwich. . . so you can have peanut butter butties.  I’m going to make Jasmine say that next time I talk to her. 🙂  )

In other news, I am now obsessed with this song.  I’ve heard it a million times out at this bar, but I never remember to look it up. . . It’s really a fun song.  Yes, it’s about disenchanted love. . . but catchy.  I didn’t dance to it the other night. . . but I have before.  Fun to dance to!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Wear My Ring“, posted with vodpod



If you’re not into country, you might hate it. . . but you might not hate it. . . b/c it’s kinda rock n’ roll.  😉

As we were leaving. . . someone asked Jackie to swing. . . and while I was watching her, a guy grabbed me and pulled me out on the floor.  Such an great dancer!  I had a blast. . . too bad I didn’t find him earlier!



  1. i hadn’t heard that song before but i like it! what a fun night.

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