Posted by: illinigirl | July 10, 2008

October Road

I am sooooooooooooo bummed.  I just went on ABC’s site. . . because I have been wondering where my favorite new show “October Road” has been lately. . . only to find out that it’s CANCELED???


First of all, I am IN LOVE with the characters.  Not just the fact that I am attracted to several of the men on the show (especially, Nick, the main character) . . . but that the characters are so “real”. . . They seem like a real group of friends from a small town in New England.  The plot line is good. . . and it’s not trashy or reality crap. . . just a really good, smart show.

Also, I LOVE the music they use.  It’s not predictable. . . not trendy.  Just perfect and fitting.

Also, have I mentioned that I have a crush on the main character? 

How am I supposed to figure out if Hannah Jane ever breaks things off with Big Cat and goes for Nick???  How am I supposed to see if Eddie and Janet ever patch things up?  What about Physical Phil?  Will he ever leave the house??? . . . and the biggest question. . . IS SAM NICK’S SON?????????????

I need answers, people. 

This just isn’t right!  I’ve brought other people to this show in the last season, and you’re totally letting them down, ABC.

Boo.  😦



  1. i swear i never hear about t.v. shows until they’ve been cancelled (due to me only watching what’s on my tivo). maybe they’ll play reruns sometime and i can record them too.

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