Posted by: illinigirl | July 9, 2008

Random Acts of Babysitting

I haven’t had anything like this happen lately. . . but I’m feeling uninspired as of late so I’ll just tell stories!

I was living in St. Louis, and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things. . . behind me was a lady and her ~3 year-old daughter.  Her daughter was saying, “Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom!”. . . the mommy said, “Honey, let’s wait just a few minutes after we’re finished checking out.”. . . daughter says, “NO MOMMY!  I have to go NOW!!!  I’m going to go Mommy!  I’m going to go!”

Poor lady!  She had a cart full of groceries. . . and had started unloading a few things onto the belt. . . and there were carts blocking her in from behind.

I told her she could take the little one to the bathroom, and I would continue to unload the groceries her cart onto the belt.  She was very thankful, and rushed off to take her daughter to the bathroom. . . okay, somehow. . . I managed to miss the fact that there was also a BABY in her cart!!!

He was a little cute guy. . . I have no concept of how old he was. . . maybe 18 mos?  He was grabbing at stuff in the candy area of the checkout lane. . . I kept telling him, “No, no sweetie!” while unloading more random crap from this lady’s cart.  I had no problem watching the boy, but I was just surprised at how very trusting she was.  I guess she was frantic, and figured that with all the other people in the store, her baby was probably safe. . . but wow. . .

Then. . .

Another time, I was flying from somewhere back to Texas the first time I lived here.  I was on Southwest and waiting in the “A” line.  This 8 year-old girl siting next to me was TALKING MY ARM OFF.  She was with her dad, yet she talked to me the whole time. . . and shared some lovely embarrassing stuff about her family with me.  I’m sure her dad was thrilled!  Before we were getting ready to board the plane, the dad tells me that his daughter is traveling alone.  He asked if I minded if she sat next to me, given that she’d taken so well to me.  I agreed, and off we went to pre-board.  As it turns out, a 5 year-old was also travelling alone, and the flight attendants sat him in my row.  Okay, call me “mom”. . . I was taking care of them, talking to them, opening their snacks, helping them get things out of their bags. . . THEN, they started fighting with each other.  I said in a stern voice, “OKAY YOU TWO. . . STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER NOW.  IF YOU CAN’T BEHAVE, I WILL HAVE TO SIT BETWEEN YOU!” . . . Then, somehow towards the end of the flight, I fell asleep in the middle of the chaos.  The flight attendants and the people sitting around me all congratulated me for passing the “mom test” with dealing with all the kids antics AND managing to tune out long enough to get a small nap.  (Note:  I am NOT a good tuner-outer. . . so I must have been EXHAUSTED.) 

My favorite moment during the flight was when we were getting closer. . . but still quite high in the air and it was nighttime.  The pilot had just finished talking to us over the speakers.  The little boy looked out the window and said, “I don’t think this guy knows where Texas is.”


I guess it’s nice that random strangers feel comfortable leaving kids with me. . . hopefully that means that I appear to be a kind person of some sort. . . or maybe. . . I look like a person glutton for punishment!  😉



  1. welcome to my world.
    seriously, i’m surprised that lady left her baby with you too. that’s a little too trusting.

  2. It must be that trusting face of yours!
    I can sympathize with the mom in the grocery store…have been in similar impossible circumstances when mine were little.

  3. Also have one story…
    I took my then 3 and a half year old son with me to the grocery store. He was a typical boy child, always into something full of bumps and bruises from doing God knows what.

    Well, I put him up on the counter to settle up, and I swear the little bas***d looks at me, gives me a devil’s smile and then says to the checkout lady…

    My daddy beats me with sticks, here and here and here (pointing at his bumps and bruises)! Well, the checkout lady gets all serious and asks me if it was true! Of course I never did that, but it took a whole lot of explaining before I got out of there. And of course, I asked him why he would say such a thing…and he just laughed and laughed!

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