Posted by: illinigirl | July 7, 2008

Bloody Hell

My friend Jasmine is originally from England. . . Jasmine was my best friend when I was living in St. Louis.  We danced together EVERY weekend, we ate lunch together at work every day we could sneak away, we drank sangria together in Clayton, went shopping together, I went to her favorite sushi place with her (and ate ice cream while she had sushi), etc.  I had a blast hanging out with her.  We are very similar in some ways, but in many ways. . . we could not be more different!

I was talking with her on the phone today, and she used a British term. . . and it made me think of some of the British terms she’s taught me. . .

Unfortunately, I can’t remember all of them. . . but here are some examples:

British Term   —   English Translation   —  (Ex. of how Jas would use this as a sentence-use a British accent when reciting in your head for maxmum effect)

  • Pensioner–a decrepit retiree
  • Trainers–Tennis Shoes–(Oh, you’re going to wear trainers out to the bar?)
  • Chips–French Fries
  • Chip Buddy Buttie–A French Fry Sandwich? (I still don’t understand this one, frankly. . . Jasmine informed me that it’s “Buttie”, which further confuses me!)
  • Crisps–Chips  🙂
  • Chuffed–Very happy or pleased–(I’d be so chuffed if you’d wear an Indian dress to my wedding!)
  • Loo–Restroom
  • Bollocks–She informed me that she’s been using this statement more these days, which is actually my favorite!  I was so excited when she told me this!

Here is a fun website I found if you’d like to see some more British slang.  Some of this stuff cracks me up. . . very creative!



  1. i’ve never heard the term chip buddy before. a french fry sandwich. that doesn’t sound very good.
    i have this sign thingie in our master bathroom that says the loo. i bought it at ballards and love it.

  2. bugger is my favorite one. it just feels good to say it.

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