Posted by: illinigirl | July 4, 2008

Best conversation with a kid. . . EVER

If I was Nicole, I would definitely put this in the “Out of the mouth of babes” category. . . sooooo funny.  I hope I can depict this well, but I think you had to be there.

So, this cutest little girl. . . dark hair, dark eyes, and big dimples comes up to me at the counter where I volunteer.

Little Girl:  I’m this many [holding up five fingers]. . . next year, I’ll be this many [holding up six], then I’ll be this many [holding up seven]
Me:  Guess how old I am?. . . [flashing two tens and an eight]
Little Girl:  [Silence. . . look of astonishment]

[Little girl leaves after a discussion of my name and the state of beginning with Mont. . . and the musical about hs, etc.  She is going to color me a picture.]

[Little girl returns with picture.]

Me:  That’s beautiful!  I’m going to hang it on my refrigerator.
Little Girl:  You have a refrigerator?
Me:  Yes.
Little Girl:  You have a house?
Me:  Yes.
Little Girl:  Do you have a husband?
Me:  No.
Little Girl:  Do you have a little girl?
Me:  No, no little girls or little boys, just me.
Little Girl:  All by yourself???
Me:  Yep.
Little Girl:  [In the cutest little voice and inquisitive face]  Are you happy?
Me:  Yes, I’m very happy [trying not to crack up laughing and failing. . . while the volunteer sitting next to me is falling out of her chair laughing.]
Little Girl:  Okay  [skips away]

Okay, that’s a question your grandparents or your therapist might ask you. . . NOT a random five year old!!!

I was talking to her mom later, and her mom said she thinks her daughter equates happiness with a mom, a dad, and kids. . . so she said she was probably worried about me!  Too cute!  I wanted to take this girl home with me!!!



  1. Thats hilarious! One time I was at Erin’s house getting ready for Bunco and Macie (her youngest) asked if she could go. Erin said: “Sorry, honey… Bunco is for mommies” Macie said; “but Cari Rich isn’t a mommy.”

    This was right after Elyce told me I would never get a boyfriend because I had crazy hair.

    Kids are awesome!

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