Posted by: illinigirl | July 1, 2008

Your biggest *hit* party food suggestions

I have most of my friends in New Hampshire and Houston convinced that I’m a really good cook (and most of my friends from home and other locations find this hilarious because I wasn’t exactly Betty Crocker in the past).  All of my biggest hit recipes are from  If you do not go to that site, you are WAY missing out.  It’s my not-so-secret secret. . . because I tell everyone the way I find this stuff.

I search in any category I’m looking for, and look in the “top 20” category.  I only pick things with tons of reviews and really good reviews.  I take any suggestions offered in the reviews into consideration (sometimes these are KEY), and go from there.  I’ve become really adventurous even trying stuff like cream puffs. . . which are super labor intensive, and I never would have DREAMED I could pull off. . . but are amazingly good.  Now, I am to the point where I REFUSE to take store bought stuff anywhere.

I don’t cook often (other than for parties) because frankly, I’m not home a lot.  I often get home late, and the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. . . and cooking for just me.  I eat often, but in very small portions. . . and I generally am not a fan of leftovers. . . it just doesn’t make sense for me to make a lot of anything.  So, I generally have salads for dinner.

TANGENT–Tonight, however, I am trying a new lasagna recipe.  I assembled it tonight, and will bake it tomorrow after work.  It’s a lot of work. . . but it certainly looks good (and what I sampled of the sauce was really good!). . . I’ll let you know how it turns out!  The bonus was, I had some sauce left over. . . so I am freezing it to use over pasta some other week.  (Also, side note–I bought a Sweet Basil plant tonight . . oh my gosh, smells HEAVENLY, and I used some of that in the sauce. . . so excited!)

So anyways, my top recipes that have gone over the best when taking them to events or making them for family are (recipes are hyperlinked):

  • Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Honey Oatmeal Bread
  • Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
  • Fruit Pizza  (My last one was so pretty, I took a picture!  Yes, I’m a nerd.)
  • Pecan Pralene Cookies–(These things are like crack, and soooo easy. . . not that I know what crack is like.) 
  • Oreo Balls–Not from allrecipes, my sister found this one somewhere. . . HUGE hit.  (Crush a bag of Oreos and mix with one package of cream cheese.  Refrigerate for ~1 hour.  Roll into balls and dip in melted white chocolate.  Let them harden, and eat.  Don’t make them too big. . . they are really rich.)


So, I’m having a party at my house in a few weeks for my alumni club.  I’m probably going to serve a few standbys like the mushrooms and fruit pizza that have gone over well at past parties. . . but I’m wanting to try some new things. . . and think it may be fun if you all get ideas for some new things to try. . .

This is where you come in. . . what are your favorite recipes that you’ve brought to parties (or sampled when other people have brought them) that have gone over really well???  Don’t be shy. . . I welcome lurkers to chime in!  🙂



  1. This is the best topic ever! FOOD we all need it and it is a must have for parties and family events.

    Food is a big deal in my family because it is something everyone can participate and we all have our best or favorites. The recipes below are from many different people in our family that took the time to teach others how to make it. Sharing knowledge and experiences help connect the different generation and establish new traditions.

    Some of my family’s favorites are:

    Oatmeal Cookies
    Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Green Chile
    Fresh Apple Pie
    7 Layer Bean Dip
    Twice Baked Potatoes – which I would sever with any meat but fish.

    If you want any of the recipes please let me know! I would be happy to share.

  2. you need to go to rocks in my dryer’s blog. her whole works for me wednesday theme is on favorite recipes with 5 or less ingredients. there’s a little bit of everything.

  3. definitely going to check out your favorites. they all sound so good!

    and, um, suzanne stole my thunder. i was going to tell you to go to rocks in my dryer 🙂

  4. I have a really great recipe for Smores brownies (aka crack brownies) that everyone loves. Graham cracker crust, brownie mix and marshmallow cream.


    Love allrecipies, but I’ve never heard of Rocks in my Dryer. hmmm…

  5. The Roka Blue bread is usually a big hit and it’s super easy to make. Small slices of bread with Roka Blue cheese spread on them. Roll up, stick a toothpick through the bit sized pieces and bake until the bread is toasted (or is it toast is toasted??). Best served hot. Sometime I can also give you my chili recipe that won Josh’s annual MLK day chili cookoff 3 years in a row (I got screwed this year as I took a backseat to Josh’s boss’ wife whose chili wasn’t that special; not that I’m bitter!)…

  6. I have a great cheese ball recipe, email if you want it!!!

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