Posted by: illinigirl | July 1, 2008

Per Cari’s suggestion, illini_girl’s vocab

I can’t resist suggestions from the audience.

Yes, I use a few weird words. . . and I can’t even describe most of them so this should be interesting.

Crapton–This is clearly not my invention, but it’s a great word.  It’s an equivalent measurement to a ton of crap, I guess.

Craptastic–Also not my invention, of course. . . but it’s great, too.  It’s puts a somewhat pleasant spin on describing something sucky.  (Yes, I’m a glass half full person.)

Thinger–This is *my*  term, I think.  No, no, I’m not saying I came up with the word “thinger,” BUT I bet you I use it in speech more than 98% of the people on the planet.  What is a “thinger” you might ask?  Hmmm. . . could be a:

  • spatula
  • car
  • court case
  • TV show
  • dance
  • language

It’s a very useful term that only makes sense when people know *exactly* what you are referring to. . . which in my case, they usually do because I’m usually pointing to it or something. . . but yes, you do have to speak my language because it’s not exactly a telling term.  Once you discover the beauty of “thinger”, you’ll never go back though. . . it’s so versatile.  I’m hearing my friends use “thinger” more now, which is exciting.

Okay, that’s all my brain can think of for tonight that isn’t some phrase with a curse word or something. . . but I’ll add stuff later if I think of anything else.




  1. i say thingie (?spelling) instead of thinger.
    i wonder if any of those words are in the dictionary?

  2. hee hee! this made me laugh. i always love when you’re able to work “crapton” or “craptastic” into your posts.

  3. I always wondered about the defination of “craptastic”. I had crapton figured out.

    “Doohickey” is another good one I use when pointing at something that I don’t know or can’t remember the name of. I think I learned it from my mother.

    How is grandpa doing?

  4. You are one prolific blogger, Hannah, and since my name is in the title, I feel compelled to comment 🙂

    I like $hit-tastic in place of craptastic. You know, for those occasions where crap just isn’t a strong enough word.

    And we were talking the other day about supper/dinner… what did you call it growing up? Most of us called it supper growing up and dinner now to the point where I giggle any time I hear the word supper.

  5. We said “dinner” for the evening meal. We rarely said “supper”. . . however, the LaFountain’s said “dinner” for lunch, which my sister and I thought was CRAZY growing up. How can lunch be dinner??? They called dinner “supper” though. We ate many dinners and suppers with them so we had to adjust to the lingo. 🙂

    That is funny to think about. . .

    I’m going to have to do another blog about this because I was talking to my mom again the other night about regional differences between what they refer to things as in the midwest, new england, and texas. I need to round up all the differences I can think of. . . cracks me up and causes many misunderstandings. I had my admin. assistant in tears laughing about one of these misunderstandings a few years ago.

  6. My dad is from Southern Illiniois and does the lunch = dinner/ dinner= supper thing.

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