Posted by: illinigirl | June 29, 2008

Rollin’ down the river

This weekend, I went on a float trip on the Guadalupe River.

I went last year, and last year. . . it rained, and rained, and rained, and rained the weeks before the trip.  This year. . . not so much. . . so saying we were “rollin'” down the river may be a bit of an exaggeration.  At times, we were going backwards!

This fun a fun time, as always. 

I generally always went canoeing at Turkey Run growing up and in high school. . . but once in college, we floated in tubes. . . BUT that was a year with no rain. . .so when I say we “floated”. . . I mean we drug our arses across the bottom of the water.  I decided that canoeing was better in that case!  The one thing that you really don’t have too much of (if at all) on the Sugar Creek was rapids.  On the Guadalupe, we have rapids, and they are way fun.  I sometimes think I’d like to go white water rafting. . . BUT death by striking a rock and drowning scares me.

This year, we didn’t seem to get as much rapids action. . . and on one of the rapids, I got hung up on giant rocks so I didn’t have as much fun. . . BUT the ones at the very end of the trip were AWESOME.  Fun times!

Here are some trips to document the trip. . .

Here is our pre-picture with some of the people that floated with us and stayed in our condo. . .


I didn’t waste any time requesting a beer. . . I was thirsty!


Matt, the ringleader


Jen & me


Lori and Erin


There was some chugging. . . Jen, Matt, and yours truly (I suck at this game)


. . . and more chugging. . . Matt and Stuart (with Jen and Lance sitting this one out)


Stuart took our picture from above (I’m in the back with my arm up). . .


Matt swang on a rope


At some point, things got fuzzy for all of us. Our entire group happened to lose Matt and Lori (despite the fact that there was no movement in the water at that point). . . Pretty funny when we thought back on that later.

Also, this was about the time that the funniest picture (I think) was taken. Our group started to run into a tree, and I got more tangled up in it than I intended (okay, the goal was for us to avoid the tree entirely so we were *all* asleep at the wheel on this one). Jen was taking my picture with a piece of twine in my face. . . when I was hit with another branch and ducked, spilling beer in my face. Awesome.


Fun times, but we were all sore, exhausted, and had some headaches last night.  😉

I pretty much ache everywhere due to using muscles I clearly never use. . . but particularly, my bum hurts. . . I have a nice bruise on my tailbone, which makes sitting, standing, etc. fun.

Thanks for a fun float!



  1. how fun. i would love to spend a weekend floating down the river having a few drinks with friends (except for the being in a bathing suit the whole time…i’m not quite as confident about that anymore)

  2. Great photos… I can’t believe you were brave enough to take a camera in the water!

    I actually went to Turkey Run this weekend. No rapids, but the water was plenty high, so no dragging arse for me 🙂

  3. oh kcjayhawk! You’re gorgeous! No worries!

    Cari–I had a waterproof throw away camera. I took it to Walgreens, and they put it on a CD. . . sweet. Last year I got paper copies. . . which I never quite got around to scanning. I heart technology!

    I’m glad you didn’t have to drag. . . well, it’s been raining A CRAPTON back home so I guess that makes sense! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been as sore as I was the day after dragging around. We probably should have just picked up our tubes and WALKED the creek!

  4. yes, I believe a CrapTON is the exact amount of rain we got. You should do a blog on words like Crapton. I’m not sure all your high-fallutin’ blog readers know what that is–ahahah!

  5. I’m a little late, but it looks like you had a blast. I haven’t been on a float trip for years, but they are so much fun. Our annual boat trip to Shelbyville is in two weeks and I can’t wait, it’s possibly my favorite activity of the year!

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