Posted by: illinigirl | June 23, 2008

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?

I went to Fort Worth this weekend. . . actually, my friend Jackie’s sister Chrissy lives in Ft. Worth so we didn’t actually venture into Dallas.  Which was fine by me, ’cause Fort Worth is my kinda town. . . I loved the area by the Stockyards and Downtown!  The only sad note is that we didn’t get to go to Billy Bob’s.  😦


We drove there in style. . . in Jackie’s cute little Sky!


We got into town and had lunch. . . and Chrissy took us to downtown Fort Worth. . . really cute.  Here is some of the cute cowboy stuff:

Emblems in the sidewalk–

Chrissy and Jackie by the horse–

Jackie giving me a boost–

We went out to dinner Saturday night near the Stockyards. . . Here is a picture of me, Chrissy, and Jackie before dinner:

We ate at the “internationally famous” Cattleman’s and had some steak. . . Here are some pictures of each of us with Chrissy’s friend and fellow intern, Blake. None of us knew Blake was making this face with the exception of Chrissy. . . pretty funny!

We also all had to swing on the pole (please note that we were all surprisingly sober!). . .




Me (yes, I suck at this. . . was sliding around the pole and couldn’t stop laughing. Must work on this if this is to be an alternative career option.)

We went to a country bar near the Stockyards, which was super fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures from there. . . but we had a lot of fun dancing!

We left from there and went to a bar in downtown Fort Worth called eight-oh’s (80’s?) to listen to an 80’s band. Fun times. It was such a beautiful night (I forgot that it cools down at night when you are in a city other than Houston!). We got to dance more at that bar as they played fun music inside and the band was outside. There were tons of fun people there to talk to, and we met a few boys that chatted with us and bought us drinks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera when we went downtown. DANGIT.

We got in around 3:00 a.m. and took showers. After getting up at 6:30 that morning. . . Can we say “tired”??? We slept in the next morning and went to IHOP. . . then it was back to Houston.

Oh, before I left, I modeled my latest purchase. . . which was too small so it showed off my bum a little more than planned. . . but hey, I think that’s the point of these shorts, right?

Unfortunately, I did not meet my cowboy. . . so I’m back in Houston and back to reality. . . but I WILL be back because I have more stuff to do in Dallas-Fort Worth like. . .

  • Go to Billy Bob’s
  • See Kenny
  • See Hans and Marilyn
  • See Fr. Tom’s Courtyard


The end.  🙂



  1. fun!
    my SIL lives in ft. worth w/ her family and we love to visit there – there’s so much to do.
    we always go to this mexican restaurant where you can eat outdoors by a pool (oh, that place). i’m having a brain fart. i’ll have to ask what it’s called.

  2. Not that I am an expert mind you…but if your next career involves pole dancing, I suggest practice.

  3. Your latest purchase is great. And Pat is right you need more practice before you quite your day job. On the plus side your country dancing is much better, so when you go to Billy Bo’s every cowboy will want to dance with you.

  4. Good call, Lady. Let’s focus on the positives! 🙂

  5. Tex Ass = priceless… It makes Illi-NOISE look stupid. (okay, Illi-NOISE is stupid… mostly because it assumes people don’t know the ‘s’ is silent)

  6. Funny you should mention it, Cari. . . in “TEX ASS”, most people are unaware that it’s NOT “Illini-NOISE”!!!

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