Posted by: illinigirl | June 23, 2008

Dear Nicole and Suzanne,

I use the little tree in the header to add pictures. . . and now it’s GONE!!!  What do you use?  I know I can use the media thing. . . but it’s not as user-friendly as the tree.  I’m sad!



  1. Grrr. . . I just read in a forum that they took the tree away, and people are up in arms. . . including me. . . because I have about 1078030189398 pictures to post in the entry I’m writing. . . and I’m not sure I have the patience to deal with this. We’ll see.

  2. I don’t even know what tree you’re talking about!

    I add pictures when I’m writing a post…click on the little square right next to the “add media” at the top of the post, and then add from there. You can add more than one picture at a time. Just select all of them. It doesn’t take long!

  3. i didn’t know about the tree either. now i wish that i had.
    i use picasa2 to convert my pics so they aren’t huge and then i do the same thing as nicole.

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