Posted by: illinigirl | June 22, 2008

Too tired to blog! Boo!


I got home from Fort Worth tonight. . . and had to go to the store, make dinner, do laundry, etc., etc., etc. . . so my blogging time is limited; therefore, my blog is boring tonight.

Fort Worth was SUPER fun, and hopefully I’ll have a blog about it tomorrow night.

Prayers are needed for Grandpa again, please.  He’s back in the hospital.  😦

My cousin Mindy is coming to town this week!  I’ll get to see her Thursday night!

I have Friday off and will be heading off to the river in the afternoon!

queenlizzle–I got a Cherry Pie Lara bar.  I’m excited to try it. . . also, I’m trying Cashew Cookie, because I love cashews, and I love cookies.  🙂  There are some other once that sounded good. . . so we’ll see what I think!

Have a good week, everyone!



  1. i think you travel as much as i did when i was flying.

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