Posted by: illinigirl | June 20, 2008


I’m leaving for Dallas in the morning for a roadtrip.  Man, how I love a roadtrip!  My friend has a cute new Saturn Sky, and we’re packing as light as possible so we can take that.  Should be fun.  I will have to share pictures when I get back!

Tonight I went to dinner with Jen, Stuart, Jen’s sister Krystal (sp?), her two little nephews Blain & Colton (sp?), Matt, and Lori.  It was really fun!  First off, we went to a seafood restaurant, and that’s always a good thing.  We were making fun of the “crab balls” on the menu like “schwetty balls” (yes, mature, I know).  The waiter heard Matt talking about them and said, “Would you like an order of the crab balls?”. . . so he went for it.  Many adolescent jokes ensued.  🙂  I took a picture of a ball, but it’s going to be too much work to post it, AND I need to go to bed. . . check back and maybe I’ll add a picture later.  🙂

Jen’s nephews were SOOOOO cute.  I absoultely loved them!  I can see why she thinks they are pretty great!  🙂

Oh my goodness.  MUST go to bed.  What an EXHAUSTING AND FRUSTRATING WEEK. . . and next week is much of the same. . . . with not much sleep anywhere in sight, as I have early mornings every morning again.  Even tomorrow, it’s an early morning drive to Jackie’s to head to Dallas. . . *sigh*  😐


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