Posted by: illinigirl | June 17, 2008

Operation: SLEEP

I suck at sleeping.

I have for a long time.  It’s never really been a big deal, but it’s becoming a bigger deal because I’M TIRED OF BEING FRIGGIN’ TIRED ALL THE TIME.

Here’s my story. . . I used to be able to get by on 4-5 hours of sleep a night as recent as four years ago.  Apparently, getting older. . . (even getting a few years older). . . kicks your butt.  Now, I get ~6 hours, but that’s NOT enough anymore.

I get up between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. . . and I typically struggle to sleep before midnight.  My issues are:

  • My mind RUNS, and RUNS, and RUNS. . . I’ll go through everything that I forgot to do at work that day, everything that I have to do tomorrow, every problem that someone I know or barely know might be having, *oooh, is that a sound? Is someone at my front door*. . . , etc., etc., etc.
  • I struggle to get off my computer at 10:00.
  • I love the TV shows that are on between 10:00 and midnight. . .
  • I pee all the time.
  • Reading is not a good option, as I tend to get wrapped up in what I’m reading
  • I sleep in positions that are 100% wrong (like my hand under my face, laying on my stomach, with my legs crossed, etc.).
  • I drink ~3 energy drinks a day.


Here are the changes I made last night that were unsuccessful:

  • I only drank ONE energy drink during the day.
  • I took a shower in the early evening, which allowed me to sleep in a little bit.
  • I turned off my computer ~9:00.
  • I drank a sleepytime tea–made me pee
  • I read a little of a boring book–BORING
  • I tried to do a relaxation technique–Got pissed that it didn’t work, which negated my calm state.  😐


Nothing worked, and I think I ended up ticking myself off more when all my efforts were unsuccessful.

Here are the things I’m going to try to do. . . I am going to try and stick to the one energy drink a day thing. . . I’m going to try to find this Jane Fonda tape that we used to have when I was younger (it had relaxation techniques that really worked for me–we no longer have it, so I have to look on ebay). . .  Maybe do my tea earlier to not pee. . . take a bath when time permits (?).

Does anyone else have issues in this category?  I’m assuming so as I think I read somewhere that 63% of adults don’t get the 7 1/2 hour minumium. . . what are your issues, and have you found anything that works for you???



  1. Oh yeah. . . found the dorky Jane F. tape on ebay. . . rock on.

  2. Try working out, or more if you already are, cardio-type junk.

    Also, I -have- to have a wind-down period before bed, usually of mind-numbing TV, I can’t go straight from the computer and/or games to bed.

    Also, booze 🙂

  3. have children – they wear you out.
    just kidding!

  4. Well, I think kids would definitely work! Just reading about Nicole’s day yesterday made me exhausted!

    Working out. . . hmmm. . . I’m basically opposed to working out as a solution, but I know I need to change that!

    Alcohol, now that’s a solution I can live with. One article I read last night says that you shouldn’t drink alchohol because it helps you go to sleep fast, but you will having problems staying asleep throught the night. I never have had an issue with that. . . BUT it would affect my peeing, which would be a problem. Yes, yes. . . I could do small *shots* before bed, but then vomiting may be an issue. Ha!

  5. i have chronic insomnia. i never sleep enough and i’ve read about a million articles on the subject. there are a number of things you can do. all of these have have been SOME help to me, at least temporarily:

    –exercise, as someone already mentioned. but not TOO close to bed time or else it will keep you up.

    — having a common bed time/routine every night

    — sleeping with a fan/ac/white noise box on

    — NOT watching TV or being on the computer right before bed. I guess the flicking of the screen makes your body think it’s daytime and, therefore, keeps you awake. I watch TV before going to bed, but always turn it off before going to sleep. It’s bad to sleep with the TV on.

    — Keep a journal by your bed. So, when your mind starts racing about what you need to do the next day, etc., you can write it down and not have to worry about forgetting it. This helps me a lot when I have a lot of stuff going on at work, etc.

    — when in doubt, I second the recommendation for booze. I’d personally stay away from the kids, but to each their own 🙂

    Good luck!

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