Posted by: illinigirl | June 11, 2008

Soldier Boy

I’ve decided that I need to take one night off a week from blogging to dedicate to writing to my adopted soldier because I’ve been sucking at writing him lately. . . and maybe banning myself from the computer will help me.  🙂  (Well, “banning” may be a strong word. . . I don’t really know that I’m going to be able to stay off the computer. . . but I’m going to make more of a commitment to writing snail mail one night a week.)

My soldier wrote me yesterday though, which will really help motivate me.  They tell you when you adopt a soldier that your soldier may not be able to write back, but I guess I never imagined it would be that big of a challenge. . . but it is kinda a challenge to write someone every week that may not be able to write you back for months at a time.  Also, it’s just a challenge to write every week because I feel boring!  I thought about sharing my blog, but it’s not very personal and not like getting something in the mail. . . oh well.

Anyways, I can’t tell you anything about my soldier in this forum to protect his identity and location. . . but keep him and all the soldiers making these sacrifices in your prayers!

If you have any interest in adopting a soldier or finding other ways you can support the troops, visit this website:



  1. i love that you do that. i was going to start it a few months ago but then our 2 friends got deployed so i’ve been sending them stuff instead. i like that she has a blog too.

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