Posted by: illinigirl | June 9, 2008

Glamorous. . .

I went home for a long weekend, and I intended to blog along the way, but the time just wasn’t there.  Here’s a recap of the extended weeekend:


Dad picked me up at the airport and we met Mom for lunch at the Philo Tavern.  We had Grandma and Grandpa W and my sister over for supper.  Dad grilled some steaks, and it was an awesome meal.  Afterwards, we hung out for a long time.  Grandma really wanted pictures of us with them. . . My sister and I got really silly at one point. . . but Mom (the photographer) and I laughed ourselves into tears so I was not able to recover and keep a straight face for this picture.

Okay, here is a real one:


This was a fun day because I just did a bunch of random stuff.

I dropped Mom off at work, ran errands, got ready, and goofed off for a bit.  Then, I went to meet Dad, Mom, and Sarah for lunch at the Courier.  . . where I had an awesome cherry phosphate, which I haven’t had in YEARS.  I dropped my sis back at her office, and I decided to stop in a photography gallery (Larry Kanfer) that I love on the way home. . . and I ended up spending an HOUR there, got to meet Larry Kanfer, and talked to him about his pictures.  This was AWESOME, and I’m going to dedicate an entire post to this later because I’m going to ask for your opinions for my next photo I am purchasing from him!

In the meantime, my dad thought I was dead somewhere because I made no mention of this and I was not home several hours after lunch.  Oops.  Yes, used to doing my own thing!

Dad was heading to Philo so I went with him.  We ended up helping a little bit with setting up for my cousin’s wedding. . . but we mostly had a few afternoon beers at the Tavern with my Uncle Tom and Just Rick (My Uncle who prefers to be called “just Rick” instead of “Uncle Rick” because we already had one “Uncle Rick” in the family before he married in. . . Seeing as we are smarta$$ nieces and nephews, we call him “Just Rick” instead of “Rick”).  🙂

That was a fun and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon off.  There were many funny quotes from that afternoon, but they are not appropriate to share in this forum!

After that, we came home and got ready for dinner at The Great Impasta.  My family loves this restaurant, and they are closing in January.  I will someday make a blog about all my FAVORITE C-U restaurants that have closed since I’ve moved away.  😦

After dinner, my sister and I went to the mall to look for jewelry to match her dress for the wedding. . . and we decided to stop by the Lancome counter to get foundation for my sister.  My sister was raving, raving, raving about how much she loved the makeup she got for her wedding day and how much better it is than store brands, etc. . . and I had never had my makeup professionally done other than for her wedding, didn’t know what colors to wear, etc. . . so i thought, what the hell. . . do me up!  $200 later, I had all new makeup and a lovely new face.  I don’t do much with my eyes on a daily basis because I wear glasses and don’t wear eye makeup. . . but I really like what they did and and tried some new stuff for the wedding.  I am excited to hit the town again with my new eyes!  Also, on my first “real” work day of wearing their foundation. . . I have to say that it definitely lasts much longer than the drug store brand I was wearing before. 


It stormed BIG TIME that morning.  Not huge or long storms but ridiculously loud thunder than shook the house.  I moved downstairs ~5:30 a.m., and Dad was downstairs, too.  We decided to watch the first episode of “The Alaska Experiment” on the Discovery Channel On Demand. . . It was REALLY good.  I’m sad that the series is nearly over because I would like to watch the whole thing.  This is a whole different post, as well.

Mom, Sarah, and I went to my Aunt Amy’s house that morning to see her, my uncle, and the kids.  I have three little cousins Nicole, Katelyn, and Garrett.  My now “big” cousin Derek was away at a basketball game.

First off, check out my cousin Garrett’s hair!  It will not lay flat for ANYTHING, and he’s so funny.  Whenever you say “hair”, he starts flopping his head around all crazy because he knows you’re refering to him!

Then, I started to let the girls tape and direct videos.  Here is one with Nicole, Katelyn, and Garrett. . . (the one starring Sarah, Katelyn, and I. . . well, that’s not for public viewing).  I’m not sure why the quality is so craptastic on this one, but here it is:

That night, we went to my cousin Lindsey’s wedding.  She married her high school sweetheart.  It was really fun to see everyone and so many people played a role in the wedding so that was cool.  I had a lot of fun dancing with the family and taking silly and inappropriate pictures for the disposable cameras on the table.  🙂

Here are some *appropriate* pictures of my crazy family:

Mom, Sarah, Me, my cousin Tank and his girlfriend (and our friend) Tracy

My cousin Brian, my sister Sarah, and my Aunt Cathy

A few of my crazy aunts, me, my sister, my mom, and Tracy. . . (I was not trying to do product placement. . . just holding my beer. . . )  I think this may be one for the Christmas newsletter!!!

After we left the reception, we stopped by the Tavern to wish my parents’ friend Joe a happy birthday.  We took this picture of Teena, Angel, Dad, Mom, Joe, my Cousin Brian, and I.  I love it!

Sadly, it was time to leave on Sunday.  I had a lot of fun with my family. . . I’ll back in October for another family wedding!



  1. what a fun weekend. that’s too bad that you won’t be home again until the fall. i love the picture at the wedding with the big group. that cracks me up.

  2. Hey…what’s with the no “inappropriate” pictures or videos? You can’t tell us about them and then clam up? Do the right thing…Share!

  3. i don’t know about that shock top. i don’t think i’m going to let him get it anymore after his last experience 🙂 it makes him a little too crazy.
    glad you didn’t have the same experience. now that would have made a good story.

  4. […] it was to Macy’s the the Lancome counter.  My sister introduced me to Lancome when I was home in June. . . Actually, Aunt Ceil used their products on us for Sar’s wedding. . . but I went to the […]

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