Posted by: illinigirl | June 8, 2008


Unlike the amazing Nicole, I am not going to have a weekend update until tomorrow. . .  🙂

In my defense though. . . I didn’t really end up having much free time at all.  Even on my “free day”. . . and when I did have free time, I wanted to spend it with the family instead of on the computer (as I haven’t been home since Christmas and won’t likely be back until October).  Boooooo!!!!  Not cool.

Also, I got home late tonight (and fell asleep on the plane despite my best efforts not to). . . Blech.  Tomorrow is an insane day at work. . . as is every day this week. . . and I think I’m going out of town this weekend. . . and I’m out of town the next weekend, too.  While I’m excited for all these adventures, I’m also looking forward to the next rest!

Catch ya tomorrow night!  🙂



  1. you are such a slacker, with your crazy travel and work schedule.

    looking forward to the pictures!

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