Posted by: illinigirl | June 4, 2008

An interview with myself. . .

I need to be packing so of course, I’ll blog for a bit.

An interview with myself. . .

What’s your favorite location you’ve ever lived?
Don’t be silly!  It’s way too difficult for me to pick a favorite place!  I like different things about each place I’ve lived.

  • Illinois–my family, the Illini
  • Houston–no winter, country dancing, and Lupe Tortilla
  • Merrimack–The roadtrips, the BEAUTIFUL landscape, the seafood, and karaoke!
  • St. Louis–A-B, the Cardinals, living a drivable distance from home, dancing at Big Daddy’s, The Creperie and Cunetto’s


Have you ever dropped your work cell phone into a toilet?
Yes. . . and had another close call today.

What happened to your phone when it fell in the toilet???
It shook uncontrollably!

What is the most disappointing news you received yesterday?
That there was a salmonella outbreak in TOMATOES in Houston.  Tomatoes are a staple in my diet, and I eat ~3-4 a day.  I hope this clears up before I return!!!

What is your favorite song?
Don’t be silly!  I can’t pick a favorite song!  I’ve been known to say that nearly any song that comes on the radio is my *FAVORITE* song. . . It’s a family joke.

Do you check the obituaries back home every day?

What’s wrong with you???  Why would you do that???
Well, mostly because I’m nosy.  Also, *occasionally*, my parents suck at telling me about people dying so I’ve taken matters into my own hands.

Is this the longest your hair has EVER been?
Yes, I’m pretty sure it is!

Is it driving you crazy?
Yes, at times. . . I might have to trim it slightly more for the summer, but I’m not ready to chop it off yet.

Have you ever noticed that your name is the same forwards and backwards?
Yes, yes, I know my name is a palindrome.  In fact, growing up. . . I wrote my right to left. . . making my “N’s” backwards.

Do you know all the words to “American Pie?”
Yes, it would be unamerican not to know all the words to “American Pie.”

How many 180 Energy Drinks do you drink per day?
Well, 2 would be a good answer. . . but lately it’s 3 or 4.

So you gave up on “Grey’s Anatomy”. . . but then you watched the season finale?  Did that make you want to start watching again?
Nope, still hate what the characters have become.

Do you speak Spanish?
Nein, ich spreche Deustch. 

Have you ever been stranded at an airport far from your destination at Christmas and rode home with a random stranger for six hours?
As a matter of fact. . . YES!

Have you ever peed in a corn field?
Come on!  I’m from a small town in Illinois?  Did you really need to ask that question?




  1. i think you need to elaborate on the phone in the toliet story. did you keep it? please tell me you didn’t keep it.

  2. I was totally cracking up reading this, Hannah. Will you interview me sometime, because I’m not clever enough to think of my own questions.

    I can’t even count how many times I’ve peed in a corn field.

    I’m with Suzanne; please tell me that you just flushed the phone and pretended like it got lost somewhere.

    Are you sure that 3-4 tomatoes a day is healthy? How do you not get thousands of fever blisters from that?

    I think these are all the questions I have for you. Please answer them instead of finishing your packing.

  3. Oh, about the tomatoes. No, I’ve never had a fever blister!

    And no, it’s probably not healthy. . . nothing about my diet really is!

    I eat a salad nearly every night that is ~70% tomatoes. . . and before you go thinking that salads are healthy, please keep in mind that this is also DRENCHED in ranch dressing. 🙂

  4. I’ve been checking your blog daily and it hasn’t been updated since this day of your post! I hadn’t checked it in forever and had to catch up over like a month and a half of your life since I haven’t seen you in forever. Now that I’m up to speed, nothing new has happened??? I kid, I kid.

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