Posted by: illinigirl | June 2, 2008

Here comes the sun

I’m generally anti-sun exposure. . . and for someone that’s anti-sun exposure, I’ve already been burned THREE TIMES this year.

I generally am pasty-white . . but use these to counteract this. . .

It’s funny because people actually think I’m suntanned. . . nope, my tan is healthy and comes from a box!

Until recently, that is.

There were at least four years that I did not go out in sun whatsoever. . . didn’t even put on a swimsuit.  It’s just not my thing.  I wear sunscreen on my face daily. . . just no interest there because I didn’t want the skin damage. . . and I’m impatient and busy and would pick doing just about anything over taking the time to lay out or lay in a tanning bed.

For my sister’s wedding, my mom and I decided to do mystic tan. . . and I ended up doing this before every wedding I was in last year.  AMAZING!  Please note that it takes a day to take effect. . . so I always did it at least the day before.

Here is a picture that demonstrates the difference. . . this is a picture of me at my sister’s bachelorette party (YES, the 80s dress is a JOKE!  That’s a whole other post!!!  Just focus on the WHITENESS). . . the picture on the right was taken before my sister’s wedding (when I had done mystic tanning the day before). . . Yes, the lighting is different in the pictures, but there’s still a huge difference.

So. . . a few weeks ago I got burned at a car show. . . mainly, my face and shoulders.  I wore 15 sunscreen. . . but hello, this was no match for a day in the sun and my white skin.

Fast forward to this weekend. . . when I’m trying on dresses deciding what to wear to my cousin’s wedding. . . and focusing on my wonky tan lines.  I decided that I would go to early church on Sunday, and then hang by the pool and swim for a while. 

Well, I actually enjoyed myself out there chillin by the pool and listening to my ipod. . . and now I’m red as all-get-out. . . good work, Han.  I think by tomorrow, I’ll look fine.  I’m just POed at myself for all the damage I’m doing to my skin.

Hey, my tan lines are gone though. . . :\



  1. i’m going to try and get a mystic tan tomorrow night…jake and dana’s wedding isn’t until saturday, but there will still be a bit of residual leftover, which will be better than nothing. i can’t wait any longer b/c i leave for eff. wed a.m.!

  2. ok, dude. i am glad you posted this because i am the same as you in teh sense that my skin is pale and basically clear. but i like to look not see through for weddings and such. i was too afraid to try mystic tan b/c of streakage or orangeness, but now i will try this for sure since you have had good results.

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