Posted by: illinigirl | June 2, 2008

Book Suggestions? *ahem, girlwednesday? Anyone?*

My mom is in charge of picking the book this month for her book club. . . any suggestions for her?

Please note that they don’t seem to be into super “chicky” stuff. . . nothing sappy or too full of romance or anything.

My mom loves mysteries. . . but mysteries aren’t big picks for book clubs.  I think that’s okay though.  Basically she wants something that’s a little more of a page turner. . .

This is one that I found. . .  “Origin”.

Another one we were looking at is “Savage Garden”. . .

In the process, I found some books that I would like to read. . . However, I have a few books I’m waiting to finish before I get anything else.  I mainly read when I travel. . . and I haven’t been traveling as much these days.  My last flight was with Katie. . . and my flights before from Cali, I had interesting people sitting next to me and movies.  🙂

One book that I want to read is “The Book Thief”. . . sounds interesting:

Here are some other books I’m reading: 

  • I am halfway through and still want to finish “Anne of Green Gables” (for the 2nd time around–haven’t read it since 3rd grade) before my trip to Canada
  • “A Spot of Bother” (Yes Jen, I STILL haven’t started that one). 
  • “Profiles in Courage”. . . I just can’t keep with this one, but I wan’t to finish it. 
  • “Team of Rivals”. . . This one would be REALLY interesting. . . but is REALLY hard for me to keep reading, and it’s huge and daunting. 
  • Also, I want to start my friend Scott’s book “Dream Seasons” about the Moroa-Forsyth football team. 
  • While I found “Kite Runner” so good.  . . but soooooo emotionally draining (haunted me for weeks. . . and still when I think about it.). . . I think I want to read “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. . . I’ve heard it’s even better (if possible). . . anyone read that?


Seriously, if I could stay off the computer, I’d have half a shot at these books!



  1. hello! 🙂

    in cold blood by truman capote might be up the book club’s alley if they have not read it yet. talk about a page turner! i LOVED it. it’s also based on a true story and takes place in a small farm town.

    it’s really nothing like the movie capote, which is more about the writing of the book than the book, so in case they have seen capote, this is not the same.

    probably one of my favorite books of all time and is somewhat of a mystery type thing.

  2. I’m a friend of Nicole Diehl’s…..LOVE a thousand splendid suns. I personally liked it even better than A Kite Runner. Would highly recommend it.

    Our book club is reading A Red Tent this month….heard it’s really good but haven’t started it yet.

  3. Was that Spot of Bother comment for me or another Jen? No worries, you’ll get to it…I have books on my shelf, still unread, that I asked for YEARS ago for Christmas. One of these days…

    You should totally read “Before Green Gables” which is the prequel to “Anne of Green Gables”–written by this Canadian children’s author who was selected by LM Montgomery’s family! SO GOOD.

  4. LMAO I didn’t even see my name in your title until after I posted.

  5. I realize I’m late to the game. In Cold Blood is GREAT… I’m excited to hear what the book club thinks of it (I saw your P’s this weekend, BTW)

    If you decide to read A Thousand Splendid Suns, let me know and I’ll send it to you. Seriously. We read it in book club, I bought the book and never opened it. I didn’t like The Kite Runner as much as everyone else did and couldn’t quite force myself to read it.

    I’m currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac and liking it. Our next book club selection is The Road by Cormac McCarthy. There must be something about “road” books this time of year!

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