Posted by: illinigirl | June 1, 2008

Move along. . .

Saturday morning we had the 5k at the brewery. . . which we were going to walk. . . but seeing as we were the only people walking and would have finished 10 years behind everyone else, we did some jogging.  P.S.–As has been mentioned previously. . . I’m in REALLY bad shape.  Staci was probably like. . . “Umm. . . could we speed it up???”  Also, it’s hot here.

So anyhowsers, that was fun. . . and I hung in there with the jogging much more than I was able to with my sister a few months ago. . . which is strange b/c I was dancing and such a lot more then so I would think I would have been in better shape then.

Afterwards, there were softball games. . . and the military folks were there for our “Adopt-a-Platoon” program.  They brought tanks and such with them.  Staci and I decided to take a picture in front of the tanks with the solders. . . then someone said, “Why don’t you climb in the tank?”. . . so we did! 

FYI, getting in a tank is challenging. . . but getting off of a tank is even more challenging.  They don’t make tanks for short girls, apparently.

(Okay Staci, I’m not posting the close up one so don’t send me away!!!)  🙂

Today, I would like to point out that I MOSTLY WALKED and jogged AGAIN today!  I do have several excuses for my poor performance.  I was a) Sore from yesterday,  b) Had been laying by the pool and did some swimming in the morning and that pretty much wiped me, and c) Went at NOON in Houston, TX, which is by far the absolute dumbest time you could ever pick to run.  Oh well.  Let’s see how long I can keep this up.  I didn’t do the official couch to 5k b/c I wanted to run and not get on the computer. . . or I would never have the energy to get up and do it!

I go home this weekend. . . so my likelihood of keeping up is slim!  We’ll see.



  1. see…you’re better then me 🙂 i didn’t even attempt to run at my 5k.
    plus, i’ve been to houston, i can vouch for how hot and humid it is there this time of year. my SIL does 5ks and 1/2 marathons in dallas throughout the summer. i think she’s crazy. i’d stick to fall/winter/spring.

  2. OK, the thought of you in such close proximity to a 25mm cannon is a bit scary.

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