Posted by: illinigirl | May 29, 2008

What have I done to deserve this???

And other random thoughts. . .

I’ve had a headache for ~12 hours.  It sucks.  I volunteered tonight. . . so I just had to grin and bear it.  I made it through, and am hoping I don’t wake up with this problem!!!

It sucks being old and having to make decisions.  I would like to propose that God just tell me what to do.  Free will is overrated. 

I get to go home next week. . . I’m super-excited.  I haven’t seen most of my family since Christmas, which is way, way, way too long.  Also, I will be dancing. . . at a family wedding.  Is there anything better???

One of the drawbacks of telling so many people about this blog is that I am somewhat limited in what I can share here or vent about here.  *Yes, I’m practicing restraint from oversharing right here.*  🙂

The people I volunteer with are such neat people.  They have really full lives, yet each of them have been volunteering for over three years.  They aren’t goody-two-shoes do-gooders. . . they are really down-to-earth and fun, and we joke around all the time.  The afternoon/night manager there is awesome, too.  I love my experiences with families and kids when I’m volunteering, but being around fun people certainly makes it an even better experience.

I think I’m bringing in apple fritters tomorrow morning from my favorite donut shop down the street.  Mmmmmmm.  There’s no better way to usher in a Friday.

Please God, no whammies tomorrow.  Just let me get some work done.


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