Posted by: illinigirl | May 20, 2008

If you’re gonna go to Canada, go to Canada. . .

So now I’m going to book a flight for Friday night so we can leave Saturday morning. . . so we have even more time than expected. . . and Kerri talked to our friend Rob. . . who suggested we would also love Quebec City and Montreal.  Now, we will add those spots to our list, too. . . and our travel route will change considerably!  Also, we’re going to book a few hotels in areas where we’re concerned about vacancy. . . but otherwise, we are going to *try* to be spontaneous.  We’re big planners though. . . so we’ll see how this works!  We just don’t want to be too boxed into a plan if we decide we want to linger longer in one area or another.

I bought a book tonight that covers both cities we added to our list. . . and they look so cool!  Too bad I don’t speak French!!!

I have always felt like I wanted to see as much of the U.S. as possible before moving on. . . but now that I’ve been to all but 9 states. . . and will knock one more off my list this year–Thanks for getting hitched in Lake Tahoe, K-JO & Maia! (and don’t have a huge burning desire to see several of the states left). . . I feel like I can start exploring elsewhere.

Here are the states I’ve visited. . . (I’m certain I’ve been to Nevada, and possibly Utah. . . but I was in kindergarten, and I just don’t feel that counts.)  🙂

Visited States

(If you’d like to make a map like this, go to

I also need to point out that while the Pacific Northwest and Rome are exceptionally high on my list. . . there are many other spots I’d like to see in Canada on my list. . . such as:

  • Aforementioned, Newfoundland. . .
  • Vancouver. . . my twin friends ran a marathon here a few years ago, and shared their AWESOME pictures of the city. . . and all of the natural beauty. . . which really made me want to go!
  • Banff and Lake Louise. . .

Yeah so. . . I’ll keep you posted.  July is just around the corner. . . can’t wait!



  1. i loved montreal. you’ll have a lot of fun there. they speak a lot of english there too. we never had a problem.

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