Posted by: illinigirl | May 19, 2008

Trip to Canada?

Well, after talking about it for three years, my friend Kerri and I are doing some serious research for Prince Edward Island now.

We have a basic plan in place. . . now this is hinging on being able to find a place to stay there.

The plan is, I will fly to New Hampshire in July. . . and we will drive 10-12 hours to PEI. . . Yes, we are adventuresome. . . or really dumb.  🙂

We’ve always heard such great things about PEI and that it’s gorgeous.  Plus, duh. . . Anne of Green Gables.  Also, we are considering going to Nova Scotia.

Does anyone know anyone that has gone to either of these places?  We are kinda just winging this!!!

In researching this, I found someplace else I’d like to go. . . that is ASTRONOMICALLY EXPENSIVE to fly to. . . St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I love my job, BUT my new goals are:
a)  Get a job as a travel writer/TV show host
b)  Find a job that pays highly, yet doesn’t require me to physically be there. . . or. . .
c)  Marry a wealthy man that doesn’t mind if I quit my job and travel around the globe while he works

Hmmm. . . I think I’m screwed.



  1. that’s why i became a flight attendant after college. i wanted to go places but didn’t want to pay the bill.
    i haven’t been to pei but i’ve been to edmonton, calgary, winnipeg and montreal multiple times. and maybe quebec. not 100% sure on that one.
    that will be a fun trip. a long drive but a fun trip.

  2. good luck w/ the new goals! 🙂

    i’ll bet it will be an amazing trip!

  3. Being a travel writer has *always* been my ultimate dream. If you figure out how to do that, let me know!

    I’ve never been to Newfoundland or Prince Edwards Island, but I have been to Toronto and EVERYTHING they say about Canada/Canadians is true… it’s the cleanest place on earth–with the nicest people ever!

  4. Hannah, it looks like your driving trip takes you through St. Andrews which is home of the most unbelievable seafood restaurant I have ever eaten at (being from NH that should be impressive)! The seafood chowder was amazing. I wish I could remember the name of it:). It is not a big town and the restaurant was on the water in the downtown area not far from Cockburn’s drugstore (I have a picture in front of that store, go figure). It looks like a little tavern on the outside but is a home style sit down restaurant inside. You should also check out the Algonquin hotel while you are there for some great pix. You are going to have a great time…

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