Posted by: illinigirl | May 13, 2008

Another Illini freak. . . SPOTTED!

In New Hampshire, personalized plates are all the rage (similar to small town Illinois).  So you know how in New Hampshire, I wanted to get the license plates “ILLINI”, but they were TAKEN???

I got this instead, which I still loved!

I always said that if I ever found that person that had “ILLINI”, I would freak out and follow them to try and talk to them (stalking at its finest!). . . WELL, Kerri called me tonight, and SHE FOUND THE OWNER OF THESE PLATES.

He or she works out at her gym and has an Illinois license plate holder and not one. . . but TWO chief stickers in the windows.  She said that she will try to talk to them some day.  I said that they are BOUND to be amazing people.  😉

Gotta love New Hampshire!


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