Posted by: illinigirl | May 12, 2008

Tour de Lou

What a busy weekend!  I’ll start my recap, BUT I will hopefully have another picture or two on the way from some events, seeing as mine were crappy.

Thursday was the Brewers Festival Beer Pairing dinner.  Wow.  What a cool event!  I did get to meet one of my favorite chefs from the Food Network before the event.  Yes, it was only a five second introduction, but I got to meet him.  I also got to see some people I know from Brewing, including one of my former Brewmasters.  It started out with beertails outside. . . then we moved under a tent and began our fine dining experience.  Toasted almond gespacho, seared tuna with greens, gnocci with mushrooms and fava beans, herb crusted lamb, and chocolate cake. . . each paired with a different beer!  Now, I am a picky eater so this was taking me way out of my comfort zone, but I liked most of it!  The great thing is that Katie and I sat with a super fun crowd. . . it was a fairly small event. . . mostly attended by brewers, the media, and STL muckity-mucks.  Katie and I were lucky enough to sit with neighbors that golf together that somehow found out about this event.  They were really fun to talk to and all about the fun. . .

Here’s a picture of the table scape:

A picture of the chef:

A picture of Katie and I with our American Lager. . . a.k.a. Budweiser (yes, my eyes are squinty, get over it.)  🙂

Our table towards the end of the evening!:

A REALLY cool evening. . .

Friday was a day FULL of plans.  We were on a strict schedule.  We started out by going to the City Coffeehouse and Creperie for Breakfast.  For those of you that are St. Louisians and haven’t tried it. . . it’s to die for.  Katie quickly became a fan.  My favorite dish is “The Freedom”. . . a crepe with blueberries, strawberries, and cream. . . but they have TONS of different options.  Wonderful.

Next we ran errands. . . and before lunch with Jasmine, the schedule got off track b/c I went to work to print something out. . . and ended up talking, hugging, talking, talking, talking, for like an hour. . . Jasmine and I only ended up with ~1/2 hour for lunch, which was sad, considering she was headed out of town. . . but it was still fun catching up with her.  Then I went to her house to get an Indian ensemble for her wedding reception in August (more on that later!).

Then, I drove out West to see Nicole, Luke, Bennett, and Jack Henry.  They were just as cute and funny as I suspected!  It was a really quick visit, but so nice to see this friend and her little ones that I visit online every day!  🙂

I raced back to pick up Katie at the Brewery, and we went to happy hour.  It was great to catch up with so many people that I used to work with and miss dearly!  Then it was. . . Cunetto’s for Cavatelli con Pomodoro. . . HELLO, HEAVEN.  🙂

So, after this large pasta dish, I decide to try on Jasmine’s dress that she let me borrow for her wedding festivities.  She is Indian, and was excited that I wanted to wear an Indian outfit.  The outfit was LOVELY. . . but Jasmine is SMALLER than me and everyone knows it (she is in denial).  🙂  The outfit looked big enough though.  I got it on with some struggle. . . but I thought everything was okay (just quite snug). . . It looked beautiful!  Then. . . I bent over the and zipper split in half.  Nice.  I spent the next ten minutes cursing like a sailor and trying to get the dress off without ripping it.  The good news is. . . the zipper was fixed (thanks to Katie) and dress was not damaged. . . the bad news is. . . I will NOT be wearing it!  Katie snapped an impromptu picture before all hell broke loose (P.S.–I didn’t know how to drape the thinger):

On Saturday, we had breakfast at the Bevo Mill. . . I’d always heard of it, but never been. . . very interesting.  August A. Busch, Sr. built it in 1917 as a stopping point between the brewery and his home.  I am a big fan of breakfast so this was awesome.  Here’s a picture of the Bevo Mill:

On Saturday night. . . the Brewer’s Fest.  It was really fun seeing Ken, Devon, Asvin, Dawn, Brenda, Marquis, etc. . . but NASTY weather, including hail. . . and huge crowds.  It got old quickly to be wet, tramping through the mud, hot, and smooshed up next to people.  Also, I was not excited about the port-o-potties being outside in the weather with huge lines. . . seeing as I was drinking a lot, I could see that I would be spending half the night in the rain waiting in line.  Um, so we left.  The only sad thing to leave was all the attractive men present.  Oh well.  Katie and I drug our wet, muddy butts to Llewellyns in Soulard, which had an awesome band.

On Saturday, we hung out with Katie’s family to celebrate mother’s day.  Her family is really nice and fun so it was great seeing them again and meeting her cute Grandma!

So. . . I miss STL.  A lot. . . . and miss my friends.  A lot.  Also, I didn’t get to see my family, which was sad.  So close, yet so far away.  I must continue to find excuses to go back to STL.  Next year, the 3-0 party bus???  Sounds like a great excuse to me!  😉



  1. it was so much fun to see you! sorry my kids were kind of wild…

    i laughed so hard about the dress (though i’m sure it was NOT FUNNY when it happened). how can anyone be smaller than you are? it looked great, by the way. i guess you’ll be back to the wearing a dress idea, eh?

  2. Oh my goodness. . . your kids were not wild! They are some of the best behaved kids I’ve seen! I’m just still amazed that even without napping, they accept the concept of “quiet time”. . . impressive!

  3. Do you read the “stuff white people like” blog? ‘Cuz I hate to say it, Hannah, but you fall squarely in the “white” category with your love of other cultures, beer, and breakfast places–ahah!

    On another note… mystery Celebrity Chef = Bobby Flay? Again, I can’t quite tell from the picture, but I’m pretty good at spotting celebs. It’s either him or Tyler Florence (who I just think is the poor man’s Bobby Flay, anyway).

    Kudos to you on another stellar blog (not that we do kudos on here, but you get the point!)

  4. […] Now put your hands up, up in the club Friday was kinda crazy.  It’s always crazy when I’m trying to leave work to catch a flight, but I’ve been extra “out of it” lately with being sick and such.  I forgot tons of stuff, and I failed to remember my winter coat when I left work because it was WARM and GORGEOUS when I was headed to the airport.   Luckily Jasmine had a coat large enough for me to borrow!  (You may remember what happened with the last outfit I borrowed from my beautiful twig friend.)  […]

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