Posted by: illinigirl | May 6, 2008

Calling in the reinforcements

So, I was talking to my mom about wanting to make a mosaic table for my patio.  She joked and said, “Yeah, too bad I didn’t fly out last night. . . We could have worked on it today.”  Before I knew it, we were looking up flights.  What started out as a joke has turned into her coming Memorial Day weekend to help me with my patio!  🙂

My hibiscus looks pretty at times. . . but right now, it looks terrible.  My fern is crap.  I bought this awesome pot that I wanted to plant cherry tomatoes in, yet I haven’t had time to do it.  I need to hang a ceramic sun I got. . . and I want to make a mosaic table.

My plans are rather ambitious. . . However, we will focus on the plants first.  If we have the time and energy to go forward with the table, we will. . . or at least we will have fun shopping for the glass/ceramic pieces that I’d like to use in the table.  Also, most importantly, we will eat at awesome restaurants.

I also booked my trip home for June.  I will have gone from Christmas to June without going home.  That’s a looooong time for me.


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