Posted by: illinigirl | May 5, 2008


Probably should have packed for my STL trip tonight. . . seeing as I potentially will be out on the town the next two nights. . . oh well.

I got two new Hidden Valley Ranch dressings to taste test.  Ranch and Buttermilk Ranch.  I will keep you posted.

Does anyone think that GREEN BEANS do NOT belong in a Chinese stir fry?  Thank you, me neither.

Buying cotton grocery bags are only helpful to the environment when you flipping REMEMBER TO TAKE THEM OUT OF THE TRUNK ON YOUR WAY IN TO THE STORE!  Duh.

My patio looks like crapola right now.  I pruned my hybiscus yesterday, and she looks very sad and pathetic.  😦

I know lots of people that need prayers right now.

i also know lots of people that have exciting stuff going on. . . and I know an EXCITING secret that I can’t tell!!!

My grandma did a Jell-o shot this weekend! (I’m still waiting for pictures!)

Last night, I dreamt that a cheetah got into my parents house. 

Okay, time to think about bed. . . given my craptastic night of sleep last night. . .



  1. I always forget my bags at Trader Joes. I have made them the boys’ responsibility so that there is someone to blame when they don’t come in the store.

    I love the word craptastic, too. Had to share that.

  2. I certainly hope your parents weren’t home with that Cheetah and all….

  3. Well, funny you should mention it, K-JO. . . my Cousin Melanie happened to be in the house, so when the Cheetah slipped through the front door, my dad ran in after it to be a hero and save Melanie.

    Then, (I sleep with the TV on) there was screaming on whatever movie happened to be on TV, and I woke up, scared to death, as I thought for certain that my cousin had been eaten by a Cheetah.

    Luckily, no one in my family was harmed in the course of this dream.

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